Wednesday, September 28, 2005

look at me! i'm blogging!

ok so i'm determined to make this a regular thing...even if its just weekly...i really like to journal and haven't done it in quite awhile so this might just be the next best thing. :)

i'm sitting here at the computer with my little guy sleeping in a pouch sling on my lap...thank god! he's been SOOOOOO fussy lately! i'm wracking my brain trying to figure out why! soy milk? cow milk? chocolate? early teething? i don't know yet but i'm hating this! used to be i could easily figure out why he was fussing and fix it...not so anymore. not for the past couple days at least.

and here i am trying like the dickens to get these tester packages out for my new business, and i can't get ANYTHING done these days! just in tiny bits and pieces. i have been working on these first kits...i'm selling kids art kits with my new business...for weeks now and keep telling the mamas that i will be mailing them soon...but then things just keep happening and i can't get them done! i swear i've been working on them every single day but this little guy makes it darn near impossible when he's awake. and he's been taking shorter naps lately...he's only 2.5months old! he can't be shortening naps already! he gets super cranky when he's sleepy i have to do all kinds of jumping through hoops to get him to sleep...cuz nursing doesn't often work. strange but i have a baby that just is not a huge nurser. maeven was like every 30min and not happy unless the boob was in her mouth...this guy, more often then not he's like "get that thing away from me!" lol. strange how different they can be.

so i'm trying and trying to finish these kits...still finishing putting them together so i can mail them out...(first it took me awhile to figure out exactly what to put in them and how much)...and every time i try to work on them tyren gets cranky and i have to stop...or maeven needs something and i have to stop...or something else happens and i need to stop. argh. i am worried the testers are going to think i'm flakey but hoping they will understand because they are all mamas too. anyway i'm determined to get them all shipped today. i said that on monday but today i think is more realistic.

yesterday i had to call adam at work and just vent to him about how i don't know what to do with this baby, he's just so cranky and nothing i am doing is working and i was just so pissed that i'm the one having to always deal with this. you know how when you have a baby crying and you can't comfort him that you just go nuts? i was on the edge yesterday and stressed because i was trying to work on those kits. called adam and poor guy, just unloaded on him. told him up front though that i didn't expect him to fix it nor was i attacking him i just needed to vent. i needed him to know all i do and go through when he's not here. i know he feels bad not being able to be here but he has to work and i know that...i just need him to share in my pain when its happening. :) misery loves company.

anyway, i better get back to work now that little stinker here is sleeping soundly...don't want to miss my window of opportunity to get some more work done on my website. i'm working on today...the revamping is coming along very nicely! should be able to upload all the changes soon, i hope!

stay tuned!

Sunday, September 25, 2005

I am a mommy again

so much has happened since i blogged i thought i should post that i have a new baby boy. his name is tyren (pronounced TEAR-en, NOT TIE-ren...everyone, i mean EVERYONE gets it wrong and i seriously started to rethink our spelling but we really liked "tyr" , so *shrug* oh well) ...born july 8, 2005, 8lbs 8 oz and 22in long! big boy!

he's now 2.5months old, sleeping in my arms and we just LOVE this baby!

i'm not going to post a lot right now because i have computer work i need to get done...i am revamping all my sites, but today i'm working on and i really want to get more work done while tyren sleeps and maeven is out with daddy for daddy/daughter day.

i'm going to ask beckie to help me remember to blog...she's good at reminding me of things, hehe.

Let's try this again

so i'm talking to my friend beckie on IM and i'm talking about how i really want to blog, that i know i'd enjoy it...i just can't seem to find the time...but i think alot of it has to do with i didn't like my template. LOL. so silly but i want my blog to be pleasing to the eye, ya know? so she gave me a link to some templates and i found this purple one that will do for now...there's something soothing about it. and i can add graphics later...right now i just want to get up and running with blogging! i never have been good at doing it regular and i think i can really get into it if i just DO it! LOL. ok so here i am blogging...woohoo!