Tuesday, October 11, 2005

kindergarten here we come!

so yesterday maeven and i were talking...and she expresses her disappointment at my version of kindergarten so far. well i really haven't done much with her besides the reading lessons...wanted to keep it low-key. and frankly, with this little baby, its hard for me to be consistant at anything.

well, apparently she really wants MORE. she mentioned art projects, which she actually does every day on her own but i'm getting from her that she wants me to plan things for her, probably to do with her. no problem, i can do this. my problem is consistancy. ay yi yi. i have great intentions but i just can't seem to keep going with any sort of routine. what the heck is wrong with me? i am afraid i'm teaching my child that mommy just doesn't follow through with things...but darned if i can figure out how to change that. i really do try to put some routine into her life, have been since she was born...but every time i start like gangbusters and fizzle out and then nothing. argh.

well i have some ideas of things to try with her. i've been told about file folder games and i'm on a lot of homeschool egroups that throw out all sorts of ideas all the time. first things first though. gotta get that "big room" straightened out so we have a place to work! i told her that yesterday...we need to get the space ready and then we can get to work on more kindergarten stuff. apparently learning to read isn't enough for her. :)

by the way, she IS learning to read! we have a very long list of words she can now read and she is sounding out new words every day! she is really progressing! so i'm doing something right!! :)

Friday, October 07, 2005

i need to finish something

i'm just sitting here thinking of all the unending things i have to do, day after day, and thinking i need to lighten my load by finding something that i can complete. the only thing right now that i can think of will actually have an end is this book i'm writing about how to start your own mommy & me program. this past week or 2 i've had about 3 people email me about this and i'm thinking i REALLY need to finish that puppy! hopefully it will help bring in some much-needed cashola once its done!

then i can see if i can find some other projects to complete...there are things like my websites and the babyfest that are unending...although there are little projects within the big projects that i can finish...like the completion of the revamp on both fresnofamily and mommychats. and the moving over of all my clients from the old advertisement manager program to the new one. i'm well into all of this, so i am not just spinning my wheels, thankfully. i actually am making headway, particularly satisfying has been the upload of the newly revamped fresnofamily! i do still need to go through each page carefully and check links and such and fix the darn linkbar issues i have in some of the sections...but the biggest part is over...that's a relief. then i need to get working on creating the fresno family mall like i've been planning for years now...complete with online coupons. hoping that will be another thing to draw people into the site and bring in more money to our family.

right now there are so many things going on that if i keep thinking about them all it really overwhelms me. even after taking a bunch off my plate, like the homeschool co-op isn't happening right now and weekly field trips are now going to be monthly or biweekly...it still leaves a LOT that i'm doing...and the house is always a wreck no matter what i try to do. well, its not as bad as it used to be, really...i'm putting out little fires here and there and it is coming along. i will get there. but for right now i need to look at all the things i have to do and try to find some things to finish so i can breathe a little better.

first things first...i am GOING to get that book completed!! i already know where to take it for publishing...i just need to find the time to actually work on it again. i have a lot done, just need to finish it!

Monday, October 03, 2005

so proud of myself!

i busted my ass this last weekend and got fresnofamily revamped! this was a huge project! there's over 150 pages! i didn't change the overall look of the place...it still has the same graphics and colors...but i did take out the right side navigation so the pages are wider now and put in a top and bottom navigation for each section to make navigation easier...and put all the main navigation on the left instead of putting the "places to go, people to see, blah blah" part there...took that out cuz i realized it wasn't necessary and just added another step to be able to get to the content of the site. i'm learning. :)

i'm just very pleased with the outcome! it all started because i am sick to death of using dreamweaver because it just has too many things go wrong for me regularly...the biggest of which is that when i use templates (which with that many pages, are absolutely necessary) it doesn't allow me to edit code! keeps saying that i'm trying to edit noneditable code, which i'm not. its just screwy. there's other things too and i fully realize it might be my version that i may have screwed up but i just couldn't figure out how to fix it and had gotten comfortable with frontpage for my other sites so i wanted them all on frontpage. so now they are. :)

still have more tweaking to do...there's some loose ends that need tying up here and there...gonna go work on some of that right now while i can.

baby squirming happily on my lap right now, so i'll see how far i get before he gets grouchy. :)