Sunday, December 31, 2006

Free-Thinking Freak

That's me, I'm a free-thinking freak, lol! I was just thinking after my last post about how some people will think I'm a nutjob because I question the medical establishment. Well so be it. They can think what they like. I'm just not one to just believe things without reading up on it myself. Particularly something that can so incredibly affect mine and my little ones' health. Actually, I don't get how anyone could just trust and not read up on things too. Not when you're talking about your children. I can't and won't blindly trust when it comes to my children. I research. And I've found out a lot of interesting and scary info about what the medical community and our culture in general is pushing on us and our children. I don't just trust, no way. I don't believe the medical community to be evil, not at all! They do a lot of good as well. But they have a different goal than me. They are interested in the common good, I am only interested in MY children. They are willing to take the risk of a small percentage of children in the interest of the good of the population. I'm NOT willing to risk MY children! So I research. I don't understand how anyone could NOT research what is being injected or given to their children. I don't get it. But everyone is different. And so, as I tell Maeven all the time...they get to make the decisions regarding their children, even if I disagree with them...and WE get to make the decisions regarding OUR children. That's only fair. I don't want anyone telling me how I should parent my children, as I'm sure they don't want anyone telling them how to parent theirs. That's fair. Actually, it sure would be nice to be in the dark about all the dangers of the vaccines and medications and other things that are pushed on us to give our sure would be easier to be ignorant of it all. But I'm not one to just blindly trust. I have to know what's going on. And I don't regret it. I am glad to be an educated mama.

So, yes, I'm a free-thinking freak. I think for myself. I question, I research, I learn. And I'm tired of people looking at questioning the establishment as freakish behavior. Why in the world is being a follower, rarely questioning the establishment the better way to go? I don't get it. But hey, to each his own.

Oh, I love this quote...Dayna Martin, radical unschooler and recent Dr. Phil guest...and recent guest speaker at one of my Mothering Magazine sponsored chats and a new friend of mine....said this on the Dr. Phil show:

"We’re not raising worker bees here; we’re raising free-thinking entrepreneurs. My unschooled child will hire your honor student."

I LOVE that quote!! That's so true for me. I am not raising my children to just blindly follow, but to be free-thinkers. On the flip side, I don't believe in questioning anything and everything just to question...and I don't believe in paranoid living on conspiracy theory all the time either. But I want my children to be free-thinking "freaks" as well! LOL!

The worker bee part of that makes me think of Robert Kiyosaki. I saw him on PBS awhile back and really enjoyed his special and went out and got his Rich Dad Poor Dad book from the library and read it and it made a lot of sense. He talks about how if you want to be rich you have to change your thinking. That the whole mentality of "go to school, get a good education, graduate, get a good job, work really hard" will only keep you poor. You can't be a "worker bee" and be rich. Makes sense. Its the entrepreneurs that are the ones that are truly rich. But that doesn't mean they don't work hard. And I certainly do not want my children to ever think that life should be easy and they shouldn't have to work for things. Of course they do. I think there is GREAT value in being willing and able to work hard. And I certainly don't want to be putting down hard working worker bees...the world certainly needs them. I just want more for myself and my children. But I DON'T want my children to feel that you have to work your butt off at something that you absolutely hate in order to get ahead in life. I don't think there's any reason why you can't work your butt off at something you LOVE. Perhaps there might be short phases of life that you have to do things you hate just to stay afloat and get where you want to be...but I don't want my kids to ever feel like they are stuck anywhere. They always have options. You do what ya gotta do to get to where you want to be. Work hard, yes, but not doing things you hate forever. Just as a step to the next thing. Free-thinking doesn't, to me, me that you think everything should be easy and you question anything and everything. There's more intelligence to it than that.

Anyway, I AM a Free-Thinking Freak. Always thinking, always looking for new ways to bring joy and MONEY to our lives, LOL! Someday I will find something that will REALLY set us up financially and I will enjoy at the same time.

Yikes! It's True!!

This is actually only some of the nasty ingredients they put in the flu shot. Then there's the whole issue of the fact that the dang thing doesn't actually work! I recently read that the way they pick the strain of flu to put in the shot is by capturing migrating birds (from Asia, I think?) and taking the virus from their bodies. Doesn't mean that will actually be the strain that YOU might's pretty much hit or miss.

Here's some interesting facts straight from the book "The Vaccine Guide" by Randall Neustaedter, OMD (oriental medicine doctor), who, incidentally, is on my site Mommy Chats every month sharing all kinds of holistic medicine information that is very very interesting. And there are transcripts on the site.

  • Flu vaccine manufacturers are notoriously inaccurate at predicting the appropriate viruses to use in an individual year's vaccine, rendering the vaccine ineffective.
  • Flu vaccine is relatively ineffective in those patients most at risk of flu complications.
  • The vaccine has caused GBS (Guillain-Barre syndrome) in recipients during several different flu seasons.
  • Those most at risk of flu compications probably share a higher risk of adverse reactions to the flu vaccine as well.
Dr. Neustaedter actually has an entire book on the flu...I plan to get it soon. His vaccine book is awesome! I HIGHLY recommend it!

Anyway, the mercury alone is enough for me not to get the dang thing...they may have taken that out of regular vaccines but they haven't yet taken it out of flu vaccines and there are dangerous levels of it in the flu vaccine (not that any amount is safe)...And its been proven that its pretty ineffective anyway.

I've never in my life had a flu vaccine. I've had the flu ONCE ever, in my life! If you are generally healthy, you can handle the flu. It's not fun, but you can handle it. I'm not risking the risks of that darn vaccine for basically nothing. There are ways to keep your immune system up and running well to fight this sort of thing...I take vitamin c and echinacea off and on during cold and flu season and myself and my kiddos (I give it to Maeven too and Tyren is still nursing so he gets it from me) rarely get sick and when we do its very very mild. Haven't had the flu yet. Wash hands a lot too. And I have recently learned of some more ways that we can help our immune system from Dr. Neustaedter that I'm going to be heading to Whole Foods to buy...No vaccine for my kiddos and me!

The thing that REALLY gets me about the flu shot...that they are pushing it for pregnant women. When I was pg with Tyren, Adam got scared because of all the hype on the news (incidentally...there's always hype about something on the news...I personally find it silly to freak out about it all because they are so often just blowing things out of proportion...I tend to research before I freak out. And the flu is not something to freak out about unless you have a very weak immune which case you should be doing things to boost that immune system not damage it with vaccines.) and was pressuring me to get the flu vaccine. I said NO WAY IN HELL!!! I explained to him that there is a large dose of mercury in that vaccine and mercury is known to cause birth why in the HELL are they promoting this in pregnant women? Hell if I know but that to me is just evidence about how friggin stupid these media and health professionals are on this topic...pushing a known toxin on unborn babies because of their stupid agenda. Ok, I'm not one for conspiracy theories, but it IS all about the money I think. They make a buttload of money on vaccines. So of course they are going to push them! I mean, DUH!!! They are really really good at their commercials and scare tactics. They've got the general public really convinced that we need this crap.

But think about it, people...who should you be listening to? The people who are making money off of this stuff? (and so greatly benefit from scaring you into thinking that you need to have their vaccines? And don't get me started on how they've got the doctors doing their work for them, spreading their propaganda to their patients, argh!)...that's like listening to a car salesman tell you why you HAVE to have HIS car!

OK, I'm not even going to keep ranting here...I could go on for days...I'm not letting them inject their useless poison into mine or my children's bodies, plain and simple. That's a very simple decision on my part.

I should make a final note that this rant is specifically about the flu vaccine, not all vaccines in general. The jury is still out on the effectiveness of all the rest. For me personally I find both the diseases AND the vaccines equally scary, so I don't have simple answers to all the rest of that stuff. *sigh*

Friday, December 29, 2006

Smith Family Xmas 2006

My Little Monkeys

Halloween 2006.
Finally got around to scanning the photos we had taken of the kiddos at Halloween. Tyren was just about a week before turning 16mos and Maeven a few days before turning 6yrs. They were monkeys because Maeven decided that she wanted to have a jungle theme to her birthday this year (her bday is just 4 days after Halloween so we usually have her tie her theme and Halloween costume together)...and she's totally into monkeys this year so my mom made them both monkey costumes. They were SOOOO cute! While trick or treating Maeven was hooting like a monkey at anyone and everyone and soon Tyren picked it up and was doing the same! Too funny!

They were chimpanzees, hence, no case you're wondering. :)

I'll get the Xmas photos scanned next chance I get.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

another happy HO-HO-HO day :)

had another really great xmas! what a nice time with family! we spent most of the day here, although that wasn't planned that way...we planned to stay here til after tyren woke from his nap. my parents and brother came here to be with us after we had a little time just the 4 of us...then they came and brought presents and food. we hung out and opened presents and really enjoyed each other's company...

then tyren took his nap and everyone slowed down and a few more of us napped a little (me and dad, lol) and then mom started lunch and it took longer than when tyren woke up we still hadn't eaten. so by the time we got the food on the table and sat down to eat it was pretty late, like after 3pm...then hanging out and eating and then adam's mom came over to eat with was a really nice time though. we really were enjoying ourselves...finally got out the door to go to adam's sister's house at like 6pm...MUCH later than we had planned....but we hung out there a couple hours and that was nice there because by then it was a small intimate crowd.

and as far as! we got some really really great ones! with the exception of a few duplicates and a handful of "uhoknotsurewhyigotthis" gifts, lol, there were some really neat things we all got...particularly the kiddos! :) now i just have to find homes in the house for all goal for this week is to start weeding through it all...sorting out the giveaways and take-backs (not many, luckily!) and finding stuff we already own that we can get rid of to make room...this could be fun if i look at it the right way and i'm going to do my darndest to not make it stressful experience for any of us. maeven really hates decluttering so i have to figure out how to try to include her in this without her feeling traumatized by getting rid of her old stuff...*sigh* not an easy task. not even sure i can do it...but i'm gonna try! i need to teach her about decluttering...she NEEDs to see/feel the value of it. so....we'll take babysteps towards that this week. see how it goes. :)

ok off to do some more work while i can!

Monday, December 11, 2006

my girl can read!

i'm so dang proud of maeven! she is really reading well now! she's been reading a little for awhile...but i just didn't go very far in teaching her more...i keep neglecting to do her reading lesson (i use teach your child to read in 100 easy lessons) ...although we've done enough of them for her to have the basics and she's really taking off on her own!

yesterday she read an early reader (level 1) book on her own! a little bit of help here and there but mostly on her own! then today she read the same book to her bompa with no help and only a tiny bit of stumbling! i was so proud! and so was she! i definitely need to take her to the library soon and check out some early readers for her so she can start reading to herself more and get a lot of practice! i know that's the best way for her to learn...just do it!

of course, this is something that goes against enki for the most part...well, maybe not so much cuz they do encourage following the child's lead. maeven is set up for being a reader genetically anyway i tell ya. she comes from bookworms. :) both adam and i were before we had its harder to find time. but i LOVE to read! i wish wish wish i had time! i guess i just need to start making time again. i get spurts of time where i just obsess on a book.

well i guess i should start looking at some of those homeschooling books again... i have so many of them. some really great ones! i moved them recently to a bookshelf in the living room so that i could have them where i could access them better (and free up space in maeven's art area) now i am going to start working on going through them again. i have these great books that my bro gave me last year for xmas that i asked for that i need to use... games for math and games for writing ...really awesome books! i totally forgot i had them til my brother asked me about them on the phone yesterday...then i dug them out and now i'm so going to read them now...find some fun things for maeven and i to do.

anyway, i got off topic, didn't i? i'm rambling (what a surprise)...ah well...

Sunday, December 10, 2006

am i old??

i say this amusingly...because i really don't feel old. i can't believe i'm now 36 (just had a birthday in nov)...not that 36 is old, but i don't know, i just don't feel 36. then again, some days i feel a hundred! LOL!

but i was just looking up some music on itunes and thinking about how i have no idea what today's popular music is! i don't listen to the radio at home ever and rarely in the car...and when i do listen in the car i listen to classic rock. (we always listen to cds...i don't want to deal with commercials) i have no teeny boppers in my life on a regular basis to expose me to new music, so i just don't know what's going on in the world, popular music-wise. so funny to me because i used to be so on top of what was current. back in the day. when i was young. LOL!

so is this what happens when you get old? or shall i say....mature? that ends up sounding like an insult to those that are up on the popular music if you know popular music you are IMmature and i don't believe that by any means.

anyway i just think its funny cuz i just got a list from my sister in law of what her family wants for xmas and one of the things on one of the nieces' lists was a cd by fergie...and the ONLY reason i have any idea who she is is that i saw a commercial on tv where she's mentioned...but i haven't a clue what she sings or anything. and i would hazard to guess all the popular music would be completely new to me. even madonna, who i happen to like. i don't have a clue about her new stuff. although if its something that made it to commercials or in tv shows or somethign like that i may recognize it but wouldn't know it was her.

so who do i like to listen to? same old thing, lol! and i don't actually get that many opportunities to listen because we listen to a lot of kid stuff around here...welllll, not so much lately...maeven is more into "mommy music" lately so now i get to listen to my music. we mostly only listen in the car though....right now we listen to xmas music. i just recently bought the putumayo christmas cd and christmas with the rat pack. really awesome cds!

guess that makes me old now too...i like crooners now. back when i was a kid and my dad listened to frank sinatra, bing crosby, dean martin, etc etc etc....i didn't like crooning. but now...old ager that i am...i really like them a lot! the christmas cd really is such a relaxing cd to listen to. i need to get some non-xmas crooners cds next.

and the putumayo cd...i just love international music. and i particularly love exposing my children to it. we really like teh world playground cd from putumayo that my mother in law bought me awhile back and fell in love with the putumayo it jsut made sense to get the xmas cd. pretty good stuff! :)

so what do i listen to when its not xmas? indigo girls, van morrison, kenny loggins, india arie, simon & garfunkle, frente, that sort of thing...those are some of my favorites...but i also like lounge music...borrowed some from my brother who has an ENORMOUS music collection. i like jazz, all kinds really, though i don't own any...i am starting to appreciate big band because of the crooners....and i will always love love love 80s pop. hell even country is starting to grow on me...although i don't know that i'd ever say that i really liked it...just that it is growing on me.

the only music that i can't stand still is rap. although, i have to say...some of the rap from the 80s wasn't so bad. that's when i fell in love with will smith (back when he was the fresh prince) and i just came across some of his music recently on itunes and i can handle his rap. there's nothing disgusting, so far that i've heard, about it. and i just LOVE will smith the person. i've seen many interviews with him and he really seems like such a good, kind person.

i don't get the whole appeal of the "gangsta" rap and the attitude and style that goes with that. to me that is just stomach churningly offensive and i don't understand how anyone would want to emulate such a disgusting lifestyle. but to each his own. interesting that 99% of the time that you hear someone blasting music from their car (there ARE exceptions of course...), boom boom boom...rattling the windows of my house or car...that they tend to be playing some sort of raunchy rap music. not sure why they think the rest of the world wants to hear that garbage, and its beyond me why that is "cool". i called it "rap crap" in the 80s as a teenager when it first came out and i continue to feel the same way about it's even worse now. and i especially do not want my children exposed to it. not the raunchy stuff. will smith is an entirely different story. well but i don't know all his songs...some might be pretty bad too, but i haven't heard but a couple of his songs. i just like him.

guess that makes me old. LOL! i just don't get the "in" things, LOL!