Thursday, June 14, 2007

money money money MONEY! MOOOONNNEY!

ok that title is meant to have that song in your head...the one from the apprentice? LOL!

adam's getting a substantial raise! WOOHOO!! he hasn't had one in like 2 years, i think. its been a long time coming! :)

but we probably will only feel it a little...because we are in the process of figuring out how to refinance our home to get a good chunk of cash for several things...first and foremost to pay off our 2 credit cards so that the money we had been paying to those will go towards higher payments on our new loan...

then to fix up our house some. we have so many repairs and remodeling projects needing funding! originally that was all we were getting the money for.

but now adam has a dream! if you don't know adam, you don't know how momentous this is! my man doesn't dream. pretty much never. he's not at all like me in that regard. i have been trying to encourage him to dream for some time now, to no avail....then a couple weeks ago i get a call "so i'm supposed to be dreaming, right?" yup. then he tells me an idea he has to get edit equipment to do some freelance editing at home...and maybe even be able to occasionally take some of his work home with him. wowee! cool idea! (oh, for those that don't know, he is a video photographer/editor).

the idea has grown...we'll see what ends up happening...but the deal still is that he wants to do freelancing, because he does NOT want to have to rely on his new business to support us...he will be continuing to work fulltime for his current job. with things that way, he is able to actually get excited about the prospects of having his own equipment and doing some jobs on the side...and me too! i'm always coming up with ideas for jobs him and i could do...nothing that has to come to any sort of real plan, but ideas that i keep mulling over til i find a really good one we can pursue. he's less inclined to want to pursue it, however, if it means he will have to spend extra time at work, away from us. so with an edit system at home, he could actually get into some of my ideas! maybe. lol. i'm on a mission to come up with some sort of idea that will help us produce some sort of video to sell. like baby einstein, and sign time...start small and grow to great popularity. :) we could do something, if only i can get just the right idea. LOL. still thinking!

well so now the equipment expense is growing and so hearing about his raise was just what we needed because we may just be able to take out a larger loan since the raise will cover some higher loan payments. we have lots of numbers to crunch first...but its getting exciting!

the best part is that spending this money on equipment for adam will mean that we have a better source for extra income coming in...probably quite regularly. we have to see how it goes still...of course his first priority, work-wise, is his fulltime job. but freelancing could really help us out significantly! i am so happy to see my guy finally dreaming! he's the most creative and amazing person in his field, in my eyes...he really does amazing work! this is going to be an adventure!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

farm dreams

ok this is kinda silly...but i haven't been able to shake my dream to have a small farm someday. maeven picked out a bunch of animal videos from the library yesterday and we were just watching one about pigs, sheep and ducks. it was of course filmed on a farm, so that got me thinking about it again.

what i really want is a chunk of property that i can have a small barn (maybe an already existing one), with just a few animals...a few sheep so we can have wool (i dream of being able to go through the process of raising sheep, sheering them, spinning the wool, and getting to the point where i'm able to knit things. or if that gets old quick, just sell the wool, LOL!) i would like a cow for milk. so we can have our own raw milk...maybe sell the excess...i used to know someone that had a cow for that purpose and had lots of extra so she sold it to friends. (have to look into the legal issues of that if it ever was coming to fruition.) and of course chickens...we go through eggs like crazy here.

i'd just love to have animals to be able to raise our own food and such...not meat though...won't go there...eggs, milk and wool would be a start. might be others i'd think of as well.

i'd also like a donkey cuz its just neat to have large animals (the cow would also fill that, but i like donkeys...after caring for them at SCICON. weird cuz at the time i hated caring for them but i think that's because they weren't mine.) oh and a goat or 2. they are really sweet pets...we had one when i was a kid. no pun intended (*giggle*)

anyway...of course i don't need MORE work in my life but i hope if we ever were able to get a farm of sorts like this that it would be at a point where my life has leveled out and things were less chaotic. which should just be a matter of years simply because its tyren's age more than anything that causes me the most work and stress.

but i just like to fantasize about stuff like this and i figure the stuff that hangs in there for years and years, as this dream of a farm has, must mean something.

i also dream of having a farm house. not an old one...maybe one built special for us but in old farmhouse fashion. 2 stories. full front porch. full attic and cellar/basement. LARGE rooms. all wood floors. at least one fireplace. maybe a sunroom.

i dream of having a house much like the house we had in freehold, NJ, when i was in high school. very simple floorplan. 4 bedrooms of which was a really long room with 2 doors to it, between 2 of the other rooms...that would be an awesome office or playroom! full bath upstairs and full bath downstairs...2 more rooms downstairs (for offices). good sized living room (w/fireplace) and full dining room. one thing i'd change would be the kitchen...that house had a small one..i want a large one. but i do like the breakfast nook. that house also had a sunroom right off the dining room...great for entertaining! and also would be great for a reading room! and it had an enclosed back porch and a full deck too. that house was really run down and falling apart but the design is stuck in my head cuz i really like it. i drew out my plans at one point but i think i lost them. maybe i'll do it online and save them somewhere. i TOTALLY want that house on my farm/ranch property! that house in freehold has a pathetic back yard, so transplant it (with a few minor adjustments) to a couple acres or more and i would be in heaven!

a thought has even occurred to me....IF i was able to do something like this i could maybe offer field trips to local homeschoolers and maybe schools (small groups) to visit the animals. i don't know of anything like that in our area...i have to keep looking cuz i would really like to take my kids there now, not wait for my dream to come true. :)

Saturday, June 02, 2007

silk moths

so we bought silk moth eggs and they hatched while we were on vacation. thank heavens for jen for egg-sitting! thank you jen!

anyway they haven't grown much yet...they are still super tiny...but man do they eat alot! its been fun so far...fascinating watching their little caterpillar wiggles. and getting the softest baby leaves from our mulberry trees for them.

adam got some pics today...i have to figure out how to get the pics from his computer so i can post them here. or i'll log onto blogger on his computer later and upload some. such a pain. he saves all our digital pics on his computer, which is fine...but such a pain to try to figure out how to get them to my blog without a little work. bleh.

anyway the worms are fun so far! we're going to watch them grow and grow and then metamorphosize! so exciting! maeven seems a little confused about the process...she was explaining to daddy about what we were doing and got some of the life cycle out of order...but i didn't correct her because i figure she'll see it firsthand soon and she'll get it then.

tyren of course wants to touch and it turns into a big fight with him trying to keep him out of the box...but he does also look sometimes, without hands, and says "bee bee bee", which is what he calls all bugs. even sometimes says "hi bee!!" and waves to them. so cute! :)

they are going through leaves like crazy...not that we are short on them, but we have to find the young soft leaves right now and those we have less its getting harder to reach them...hope they grow big enough for bigger leaves soon.