Thursday, January 31, 2008

housekeeping mission statement

i was reading this blog, and it led me to this blog, which is where i got the idea below:

MY housekeeping mission statement...

I want my home to be “a soft place to fall.” I want all of us living here to feel glad to be home. I want our home to be cozy and warm and colorful. I want it to be clutter-free and as stress-free as possible. And I want to be able to find things when I want them! I want it to be organized and I want it to make it easy for us to keep it clean. I want it to be pleasing to all the senses--bright, cheery colors, lovely/yummy smells, soft things to sit on and touch, yummy things to eat, and fun and soothing sounds...and I want it to be full of joyful laughter!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

yet another reason to hate bush

ok i'm not really up on all things political...don't really have the desire to dive deeply into the slime of it all...but i really dislike president bush and never voted for him and frankly think he's an idiot, much like the rest of the country, it appears.

i thought from day one that when he declared war he was doing so like one of those macho assholes that turn everything into a fight...which is particularly funny since bush is about as UNmacho as they get, but i digress...but anyway it appeared to my uneducated (politically) mind that he was simply lashing out in vindictiveness and i had THOUGHT that the president of the united states should be above such childishness. not that it wasn't necessarily warranted to lash out after 9/11...but there are much more mature and effective ways to deal with conflict. i am trying to teach my children every day about non-violent communication and conflict appeared to me that the president really went against all that with his flat out statements that we were gonna GET THEM. good lord. grow up and be president and use more effective means to deal with things. wars really don't do anything but hurt and make things worse, lordy.

anyway, just found this on another blog and thought. "yep, yet another reason to hate bush!"

i know the entire country is just waiting on pins and needles to get this moron out of the white house. i cannot even believe that the idiot got voted into office TWICE!!! (well, the first time was not supposed to happen, dammitt!!!)

anyway, i digress...the rain of idiocy will be over soon...hopefully whoever wins won't be leading us further into the abyss.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

i found the book for me

found it on a blog i stumbled on, and looked it up at our local library online and they have it! so i ordered it! can't wait to read it! looks perfect for me!! :)

Sunday, January 20, 2008

business related tantrums

i just don't get it. i don't get what people tell themselves to make it ok to be just awful to others in a business environment (in ANY environment, but i'm talking about business right now). i've seen it happen before...when i've worked fast food or any kind of retail job in the past...there's always some asshole/bitch that is having a bad day thinks its ok to lash out at the underpaid employee in front of them.

i mean, if i did something that warranted a tongue lashing, i would understand it more...although i still think screaming obscenities and name calling is unwarranted in any circumstance...but to just lash out unnecessarily and in such a mean way...and i've seen it many times before, believe me...i just don't get how they can think that's ever ok. i once had a nasty customer when i worked at mcdonald's that was so frustrated with how slow she felt i was going that she called me "stupid." how is that ok? it obviously affected me because that was back when i was 16...and now i'm 37 and i still remember that! i was shaken to the core at the time...i remember that wasn't an isolated incident...i had plenty of customers that didn't like how i did things and so lashed out in such a cruel way. saw it when i worked at borders too...people who didn't feel good about themselves so got a high off of being nasty to service people. wonderful.

and now my husband works in a field where there are "professionals" who think its ok to treat the people of the companies they are hiring in a similar fashion. he's told me stories before of "the dragon lady"...someone that his video production company always looks forward to working with because of the way she tends to be bitchy about everything and god forbid anything should not go just right, she's lashing out and putting blame on someone at the drop of a hat...

and most recently, a job that he wasn't even first in line for...hired by someone who was hired by someone who was hired by a company to do a shoot...apparently person hired by the company felt it was ok to lash out at the camera guys when his client was less than happy with something that happened (and adam still doesn't understand what happened, but that's another story)...shouting and screaming obscenities and name calling and all that ridiculous stuff. sounds like my 7yr old's tantrums.

it makes me SOOOOOO mad! what the hell did his parents allow from him that as an adult he thinks its ok to be that nasty to people. he sounded like he was having a child's tantrum for pete's sake!

and now of course adam doesn't want to ever do business with him again...if he's willing to lash out at him and he never even met him! in a situation like that one, it would have been appropriate to perhaps be upset because the client is upset but how about asking what happened instead of screaming that adam and company were trying to ruin his business? lordy, that guy needs to learn some professionality! people like that do not deserve to be in business! they deserve to have the consequence of losing their job for not knowing how to handle stress well and abusing others he's working with.

it makes me want to call him up and tell HIM off!!! good lord. grow up, asshole! my husband doesn't get paid enough to put up with that kind of crap! and actually, NO ONE DOES!!!

i used to work as a hotel operator for 2 years and i had some cool managers, luckily, who told me if anyone got abusive like that with me (and they did, believe me...the worst were the airline workers...flight attendants are the nastiest people when the get back to their hotels because they've been treated so nastily on their flights so they take it out on the next in'd think they'd have more compassion after having gone through that themselves, but noooooooooooo....) that i was to get a manager immediately because i didn't get paid enough to deal with that. they're right, by golly! but seriously, i don't think the managers did either...because people that have tantrums like that should actually just have the consequence of getting kicked out of wherever their tantrum is thrown or getting fired from their job or something...but "the customer is always right" tends to happen in places where they are the customer and they get rewarded for their behavior!!! argh!! and i guess for some reason people think they are good at what they do no matter how nasty they are, and don't fire them.

case in point, that horrid chef reality show where people have to be subjected to that nasty chef's abuse in order to win some prize for being a chef with him or something...i don't even know what the prize is but i know i've seen the commercials and they GLORIFY how nasty the chef is! i don't care how good of a chef he is, he really needs to learn how to treat people. i will NOT watch that show.

and look at american idol and all the other reality shows like that that have a nasty englishman that lashes out at the contestants! people love watching that! good lord, what the hell is our country coming to that THAT is entertainment! sheesh!

i'm just so sickened by this stuff...but all i can do is teach my children how to treat people. and hope that they actually listen.

they say the best way kids learn is by example...and since adam and i don't lash out at people in service jobs like that...(though i'll admit there are times i do lash out at adam, but i NEVER name call, EVER. but hopefully i can get a handle on my temper...i've been really trying.) anyway, since we don't treat people like that then hopefully the kids will get that that's not ok.

*sigh* life is so complicated.

Friday, January 18, 2008

bravo jada!

i don't even know what led me to this but i'm surfing the net tonite and for some reason i ended up finally finding the quote by jada pinkett-smith (will smith's wife) about embracing will's first wife as his son's mother:

>>>>As a child of divorce herself, Jada didn't want Will's first son Trey to feel torn between two households. Jada deliberately included Will's first wife into her family circle.

"I refused to have Trey feel like a stepchild. He is not from my body, but he is a huge part of my spirit and my soul," Jada says. "And I wanted him to feel like he was a part of this circle. In order to do that, I had to make his mother part of this circle, because your mother is your pulse to the world. Your mother is your everything. How can I truly appreciate and love Trey without embracing his mother?" <<<<< (found it here)

is that not the coolest thing? i absolutely LOVE will and jada. but that just blew me away when i saw that on an oprah interview with will and jada awhile back.

i am not divorced nor have i ever dealt with it as a child (my parents will have been married 40 years this year) i know i have NOOOOO idea what it is like to feel all the feelings that go with divorce, in any role. but i have seen on tv and heard about in real life so many people that are just plain ridiculous in regards to their children in their divorce. the hurtfulness is just sickening.

when i read that about jada i just thought "wow! everyone who ever gets divorced should read that and think about that."

oh i know that that would be really hard to do if the ex is a psycho bitch from hell. and i know they are out there! but wow, to put such a priority on the friggin cool is that???

Sunday, January 13, 2008

tweentle tweentle yiddow sta

if you don't think this is just the most stinkinest cute video you've ever seen, you're truly dead inside! LOL!!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

my son, the comedian

this morning when tyren (TEERen...i always post this cuz his name is so often mispronounced and i found that if you read it wrong in your head that it sticks, so i try to always post the actual pronunciation frequently so people reading my blog will know the right way to say it...he's NOT got a name that sounds like tyrone!) and i were stirring...slowly waking up...he pooted and said "it wasn't me!" and cracked me up so much i had to poke adam awake and tell him.

my son is a friggin comedian already! hm, wonder where he learned to say "it wasn't me" from, hmmmm? LOL! last nite adam kept blaming the nasty smells on tyren so gee, i wonder, LOL!

then i was laughing and i said "you're funny, tyren" and he says "daddy, i funny!"

ROFL! he's a crackup, my son!