Saturday, January 12, 2008

my son, the comedian

this morning when tyren (TEERen...i always post this cuz his name is so often mispronounced and i found that if you read it wrong in your head that it sticks, so i try to always post the actual pronunciation frequently so people reading my blog will know the right way to say it...he's NOT got a name that sounds like tyrone!) and i were stirring...slowly waking up...he pooted and said "it wasn't me!" and cracked me up so much i had to poke adam awake and tell him.

my son is a friggin comedian already! hm, wonder where he learned to say "it wasn't me" from, hmmmm? LOL! last nite adam kept blaming the nasty smells on tyren so gee, i wonder, LOL!

then i was laughing and i said "you're funny, tyren" and he says "daddy, i funny!"

ROFL! he's a crackup, my son!

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