Tuesday, September 30, 2008

i love steve songs!!

if you watch pbs, you know who steve songs is. i just LOVE this guy!! he's got great music (not like the crapola that milkshake played. ugh, i hated them! thank heavens they don't seem to be playing them anymore on pbs. i seriously HATE the chick in the tutu. i don't really know anything about them other than the interstitials that they played on pbs...but that bugged me enough to develop a serious dislike of them. and the flip side, i've grown to LOVE steve songs from HIS interstitials!! we especially love his shape song around here and regularly sing it together. :)

should i also mention that i find him friggin HOT!!! :) i think i like him more than steve from blues clues and the kratt brothers of zaboomafoo and jeff corwin of animal planet. well, maybe. :) i do adore all those guys too! LOL

i remember being at a la leche league meeting years ago when maeven was a baby and getting into a heated discussion as to who was hotter...steve from blues clues, jeff corwin, or the kratt brothers, LOL!!! now i would say steve songs is the hottest. :)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

how cute is this??

found it here.

and what about this??

found it here.

william sonoma is awesome!! my brother used to work for them and used to get all sorts of awesome holiday stuff for me for free after the holidays! goodness, i wish he still worked there! :) i got a lot of cool stuff!

Monday, September 22, 2008

public bike system

i just found out about this from another blog. how cool!!!

i think every city in our country should have this!! in the world!!! :)

but i'm thinking that the bikes would probably just get vandalized and destroyed in fresno, argh! we have so friggin many losers here that seem to think its ok to damage and destroy things that don't belong to them. bleh.

Friday, September 19, 2008


this is friggin awesome! :) match your beliefs with the presidential candidates. and its fun and funny too!

i did it and only had 2 of my answers match mccain. the rest of mine were allllllll obama. didn't really surprise me.

i know the election isn't this simple, but still, pretty neat to see who you pick anyway.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

what a waste of a week

we've all been sick this week which made for a real fun week. not!

i pretty much decided halfway through the week that we might as well scrub this week as far as homeschooling. got nearly nothing done. between us all being sick (myself included, and i got it last so i was really feeling nasty for much of the week...the kids were getting better...although maeven got worse again in the last couple days when a nasty cough developed).

my mom pointed out something to me...if she's sick enough that i would have kept her home from school (if she was going to school), that i shouldn't homeschool either. makes sense. although it is easier to still get a few things done like some reading and such.

anyway things got further complicated when my mom kept having things that made it impossible for her to take tyren as planned. so there was nobody taking tyren off my hands at all this week, for a variety of reasons. well it couldn't be helped. so we'll just chalk it up to a crappy waste of a week.

the only good thing that really came out of the week was getting to go to the "walking with dinosaurs" show last nite. i got free tickets for our family because i did a contest on my fresno family site and gave away tickets to another family. pretty dang cool cuz that was a very expensive show!! i love doing contests! :) good show too!

*sigh* and adam's gone tonite...came home from work and had to do a phone interview for a job for an online company. and then he had to go do some stuff for his mom and brother and he's not going to be back anytime soon as far as i can tell. so i guess i'm putting the kids to bed myself. that's always fun. especially after a crappy day. ah well...life goes on. *sigh* i'm just so tired of the way things have been going...there has to be something GREAT happening around here soon!

mother's oath

i so needed this. i was reading one of the blogs i subscribe to, and found this:

"Attention all parents of multiple children, especially those with babies and/or toddlers, and definitely all new homeschooling families -- raise your right hand and repeat after me: "My children will not always be this age."... Babies will eventually detach themselves from Mom's chest, toddlers will eventually learn to obey the Voice of Authority, and the preschoolers will eventually get the cereal poured into the bowl instead of directly onto the floor. Your job right now, Mom, is just to survive today with a little dignity intact. You might even get a lesson explained. Ok, half a lesson. But you have just started, and by next week things will go a little smoother. I promise. (But notice I did not quantify "a little.") Remind yourself as often as needed that your children are growing up, they are maturing, they are learning. (Also remind yourself that anyone daring to criticize your homeschooling and/or housekeeping skills probably does not have the same number of children underfoot that you have, or they would know enough to keep quiet.)"

i bolded the part that i REALLY liked! LOL!

here's a link to the whole thing.

so i'm not a hippie

i KNEW it! but i do like it if people think i am one...i consider it a compliment. :)

You're Not Exactly a Hippie...

While you're not a hippie, you've got the spirit of one.

Like most hippies, you have deep beliefs and unusual interests.

You may not buy into hippie fashions, music, or heavy drug use.

But at heart, you are a free spirit and suspicious of the status quo.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

nasty cold

well actually the cold is just a normal cold. what makes it nasty...and this happens EVERY time i get a cold now...is the asthma kicking in. coughing up a lung each and every time i catch cold gets really old. and now i can't find my inhaler. it was an ancient one anyway...actually it was adam's from like 4 years ago. albuterol. it seemed to help sometimes to stave off the coughing fits. and now i cannot find it. i suspect i may have finally thrown it away since it was so old.

so now i'm down to 2 vicodin (for a different problem...migraines) and no inhaler...methinks its time to get myself to a dr! i don't currently have a dr. i don't have insurance. haven't for years. actually i cannot remember the last time i did. can't afford it.

but i need to get to a dr soon cuz this is really uncomfortable. and it happens consistantly. as do the migraines. so i need more vicodin. the prescription i currently have isn't even mine. its my mom's. she didn't need it after her thyroid surgery and gave it to me cuz i was running out. i don't even remember where i got the vicodin i had before...probably my mom then too actually...oh no i remember, i asked my obgyn for a prescription. after i had tyren. i made it last for quite awhile! i don't use it often. only when the migraine is bad enough to warrant it. then i only take one at a time. and not every migraine warrants one. the milder ones, i don't take anything for. i save the vicodin for the bad ones. because i need to spread out the medicine or i'll be in the position i'm in now...facing running out.

*sigh* well i've been putting off calling this dr that i found out about that i think i'm going to like...only because i know we're going to have to private pay and we just don't have the money. but i think its time. i've put it off long enough. i'll make a call tomorrow and see if she can see me anytime soon. it sure would be great to get my OWN prescriptions for a change...and refillable ones would be even better! and drugs that aren't expired! the albuterol was very old, and i've taken expired vicodin many times as well. as far as i can tell, they just don't work as well. i guess the strength wears off. but i always figure its better than nothing.

anyway, i really do need to see a dr. its time. i had foot pain going on for awhile that was another reason to go...but after months of seriously bad pain, it seems to finally be clearing up, for the most part. thankfully.

my little bookworm!

YAAAAAY i can finally say it! maeven is a little bookworm!! i just realized she was no longer in the room with us and found her in the bedroom:

i have been waiting for this for a LONG time. she really didn't take to reading for awhile. even when she was quite capable of it she didn't enjoy it. not til we found those books at borders.

and now this sort of thing is a regular occurance:

i really had gotten to the point that i was giving up my dream of her being the bookworm that i was as a child...and that she might just be different than me and not everyone is a bookworm. but then....just giving her space and time worked! i am so proud!!!

OMG! More Tyren stuff!!

ok i'm starting to feel bad because i feel like i'm always blogging about tyren...but i tell ya...he's always doing stuff that is blogworthy! but i WILL try to find more things to blog about maeven too...because she's a hoot as well!

but i have to tell you that not long after the masking tape incident i realized, again, that he was being too quiet...and i went looking for him. found him in the family bedroom with the door closed. uh oh.

i walk in and what do i find? the little stinker has gotten ahold of our sugar-pourer-thingy (the kind they have at diners, where you pour your sugar from a glass container with a metal lid? don't know what to call it), and has poured himself some sugar into a plastic cup (HALF FULL!!! this is one of those kiddy cups from boston market...that's a LOT of sugar!) and is EATING IT WITH A SPOON!!!!

i had to call adam and tell him about that one, and the masking tape incident. 2 things in one day...what a kid i got here.

well then i must share this video from later the same day. if you're not laughing watching this...well, you just don't know what funny is!!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

where does he come up with these ideas?

i just came back from unwrapping my son from red masking tape around his legs. i didn't take any pics because i was in a hurry to get it off because it was TIGHT! i was worried about his circulation!

WHERE does my son come up with these ideas?? it was wrapped many times around both legs, separate and together.

not to mention the waste of colored tape which is quite expensive.

guess where he got the idea from? his sister has several times wrapped her feet in the same tape to make "shoes". *sigh* i keep having to have this discussion about NOT wrapping our bodies in tape, apparently.

honestly, i wouldn't really care so much if it was cheap masking tape (not the colored kind) and not wrapped tightly. in fact, next time i'm at dollar tree i may just pick some up just for that purpose...for creative wrapping (after a little talk about not doing it too tight). and supervise.

getting a head start on parenting

tyren's baby was crying so he was rocking him in the rocker...then he tells me he turned him around "so he can watch tv". LOL!!

then he gets silly...
he is SO his father's son!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

politics is not my thing

but i figure i should really start reading up on things since the election is coming up. and i know that i'm going to vote because there's a proposition i want to vote against...the one that is trying to overturn the legality of gay marriage. i DEFINITELY don't want them to take that away from the homosexual californians! so i'll be voting when the time comes so i'm trying to educate myself more on the presidential candidates.

i have to say that i'm already very turned off by mccain simply because he just seems like an older bush...more of the same. and the fact that from all i've read it looks like he has no plans to end the war in iraq is reason enough for me to NOT vote for him.

but then i figured i better read up on obama cuz just cuz he's not mccain doesn't necessarily make him a good choice...well so far everything i've found on him hasn't turned me against him. in fact, this speech (below) actually really made me like him an awful lot! although, of course, i know that it is probably a reason for many christians to turn against him. but i really see it as incredibly enlightened thinking for a politician to not only acknowledge that there ARE other beliefs in america other than christian but that not all christians even have the same beliefs!

so this made me want to stand up and cheer! more research to do though. :)

future brother-in-law?

adam's youngest sister, sarah, is dating an actor, ryan, who lives with her in prague and occasionally i get links sent to me of some of his work. just got this today:

incidentally, the pics of "mary" are of sarah...and the pic of her parents are NOT her parents, who've been divorced for many years and look nothing like that, LOL!

he's pretty talented, eh? LOL!

this actually made me LOL!!

i'm sure most of us write LOL when we aren't really literally laughing out loud...well this actually DID make me LOL:

too funny!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

nakey butt tyren

we got a nakey butt boy here these days! just as i did with maeven, we've taken the nakey butt approach to potty training. seems to be working faster with tyren then it did with maeven! but i think that's because i didn't really start til he was older than she was. he wasn't at ALL interested in using the potty til just recently. he just turned 3 in july and hadn't at all gone potty on the potty til like a month ago. maeven had done it here and there between 2 and 3...didn't perfect it til between 3 and 3 and half years. i had a feeling that this is how it would work with tyren...wait til he's ready...he'll start later, but then he'll learn FAST! and it seems to be working that way! :) took maeven the good part of a year to slowly figure it out...tyren is probably going to be done in just a couple months, if that. (although honestly, i really don't care what it takes...whenever is fine. i'm in no hurry. wasn't with maeven either. i'm pretty casual about potty training.)

so he stays nakey butt all day while we're home and he's doing it! he just goes into the bathroom and uses his little potty whenever he needs to go! he doesn't even tell us he's going! he even dumps the pee himself! (in the sink...not real happy about that...but i'm proud of his initiative!) twice now i've been just walking by the bathroom and noticed him in there on the potty and asked what he was doing and he's said "pooping". he is really gettin it! its really cool!

he's only had 2 pee accidents so far. pretty dang good i think since i seem to recall maeven was peeing on the floor for WEEKS at least half the time before she finally figured it out. tyren is just running in there saying "i have to go pee!" like 20 times a day...and darned if he doesn't pee most every time he runs in there!

yup, i'm one proud mama! i really dreaded this whole thing cuz to be perfectly honest i just really don't enjoy potty training...which is why i just wait til they are ready...its just easier for me to keep them in diapers than to deal with all the accidents. but he was ready, obviously, so he's doing it and he's doing so well now that its really not a big deal for the most part!

so as long as the weather is warm enough, and as long as i think he still needs the extra help of being nakey, i'll just keep him nakey (at least waist-down) and we'll add underwear when i think that he'll be able to deal with the extra step. for now, we're just really proud of how well he's doing!

woohoo! go tyren!!!

poptropica ROCKS!!

maeven just LOVES this game! and i have to tell ya...its actually really fun, even for us grownups! it is challenging enough to keep my interest and every couple months they add a new world to explore. pretty dang cool for free! it is kinda a bummer that once you solve a world, there's really nothing left to do...but maeven never seems to mind and keeps playing them over and over. and since they keep adding more worlds...that keeps ME interested! :)

just found this video, check out poptropica!!

Monday, September 08, 2008

unschool vs. school

this is a really insightful post by an unschooled boy who tried out public school for a year. REALLY GOOD!

Sunday, September 07, 2008

menu plan monday

i just learned about this from a blog i read. well i had seen it awhile ago but never really read it so i just actually read the details...coincidentally right when i had made a menu for the week.

menu making is something i REALLY need to do regularly because we tend to put off grocery shopping and making dinner so we end up eating out a lot. so i want to change that.

i'm not assigning days for the recipes because i like to have the flexibility to pick which ones to do when. i used to do this a long time ago and it worked well for us. i just cross off the meal once we've eaten it so we can see what we still have the fixings for.

soooo, without further ado. here's what i got figured out for the next week (and i need to go grocery shopping tomorrow!)


french toast sandwiches
coffee cake/fruit
blueberry muffins/fruit
oatmeal/fruit (again)


turkey sandwich/tortilla chips/fruit
dinner leftovers
pizza muffins/fruit
turkey rice/carrots
caesar chicken wraps
dinner leftovers (again)


beef-n-bean tortellini soup
beef-n-bean chili
pizza loaf
caesar chicken wraps
spicy pepper penne
pepperoni pasta salad
pizza delivery (date night)

my new homeschool blog

just a heads up that i've got a new blog specifically for blogging about our homeschool experience. this one will remain my anything-goes blog. i'll probably still talk some about homeschooling here too, from time to time, but if you want to know the details of our homeschool experience, you'll have to head over to "playing with legos". i just updated our first week of school (this school year)...and even added some pics! check it out! :)

Friday, September 05, 2008

hubby at work

notice the camera guy on the left near the front of the stage. that'd be adam! :) that was a recent shoot he had to do in the sweltering 100+ degree heat!
always love to see him at work though...i think he's so friggin sexy when he's workin. i'm so proud of my ponytailed camera guy! :)

***the video he made from that shoot is now up on youtube, you can see it here. adam shot and edited the entire thing, start to finish.