Tuesday, September 30, 2008

i love steve songs!!

if you watch pbs, you know who steve songs is. i just LOVE this guy!! he's got great music (not like the crapola that milkshake played. ugh, i hated them! thank heavens they don't seem to be playing them anymore on pbs. i seriously HATE the chick in the tutu. i don't really know anything about them other than the interstitials that they played on pbs...but that bugged me enough to develop a serious dislike of them. and the flip side, i've grown to LOVE steve songs from HIS interstitials!! we especially love his shape song around here and regularly sing it together. :)

should i also mention that i find him friggin HOT!!! :) i think i like him more than steve from blues clues and the kratt brothers of zaboomafoo and jeff corwin of animal planet. well, maybe. :) i do adore all those guys too! LOL

i remember being at a la leche league meeting years ago when maeven was a baby and getting into a heated discussion as to who was hotter...steve from blues clues, jeff corwin, or the kratt brothers, LOL!!! now i would say steve songs is the hottest. :)

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  1. Funny, I think some of the children's entertainers are hot too! ;)