Sunday, November 30, 2008

please follow me!

forgot to may have noticed some radical changes recently to my of the things i did was upgrade my template and add a "followers" widget. i know there's not many people following my blog, but those that are, can you please click on "follow this blog" in the right sidebar and add yourself to my list? then people can see your blogs and maybe get you more traffic. and also just make me feel good to know you're following me! :)

if you're already following in a reader...i know that my google reader added it to my reader when i followed a friend i was already subscribed to, so she was in there twice...but all i did was delete the original subscription and stick with the one linked through the widget. that way i show up on her sidebar and hopefully someone there will follow it to my blog. :) never know! anyway, that will work the same for you...

ok its late i REALLY need to go to bed!

holiday hoopla over

well nearly over. it was supposed to be over today but i didn't have everything done.

this is an annual event i do on my website mommy chats. this was my 4th year doing it! i can't believe its been that many years!

anyway tonite was the games chat...very fun! i host it and i do all sorts of fun chat games...scrambled words, holiday bingo, holiday trivia, name that song, name that!
and i get to give out all kinds of prizes!

i was going to also pick the winners of the treasure hunt and cookie hunt...but there was a lot i needed to do to the file with the answers in it before i could call winners. i had to delete all the incorrect and duplicate answers and such...clean it up so it was just all correct answers, and only one per person per answer. took me hours to finally get it all done, but i just finished it and so i'm ready to draw the names now. i'll do it tomorrow.

i like to do it in chat because its more fun that way. people get all excited. chat events are fun! :)

i want to think of some new games for another year...but right now i'm just glad to be done with it. its not a huge amount of work, but its some work. in spurts. i got some money out of it. not a lot, but enough to help us through christmas.

next i'm going to work on my new newsletter for mommy chats. i have a bunch of fun things i'm going to put in reviews, music reviews, links, product and business picks and such...things that should hopefully draw a lot of interest. and then i can start selling ads in the newsletter. i'll be doing it monthly. and hopefully that will get me some more income as well.

with adam's pay cut, we need the extra money. so far we've been doing ok. but i know we're going to eventually really feel it. especially if anything happens that requires an extra chunk of money we don't have. so anything i can do to help, helps ease that burden. if i do really well, we won't even really feel the pay cut.

i think i mentioned before, i used to easily bring in about $500-600 a month in advertising. it had dwindled down to barely $100 recently due to various reasons, one of which was neglect on my part. i just wasn't putting any time into my sites. but now that i need to, i'm doing what i need to do to get more interest going.

the more things going on on my sites, the more potential advertising, because they will want to advertise their biz's where there are mommies! and its fun anyways, so i'm glad to have a new burst of energy to get things going again.

its late now, i think i'll start working on the newsletter tomorrow.

Friday, November 21, 2008

i suck at housework

i have so much that needs to be done (always), and so of course i'm procrastinating and blogging instead. i really need a maid. :)

my kids are singing "happy birthday to you" right now because i just said that it was my friend beckie's birthday. and now they are arguing over how to sing it cuz tyr decided to basically growl it. hard to explain in writing. it wasn't very musical...and of course maeve had to correct him...and now they are fighting and i'm just ignoring it cuz i'm so tired of them fighting! ARGH!

well guess i cannot ignore it anymore, they are moving on to hitting now. i swear i want to lock them both in a closet and let them just fight it out sometimes. *sigh* this is so exhausting!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

random reminiscings

i've been finding a ton of old friends on facebook friends list is getting really big! and the vast majority of them are people i have known in real life! this is making me do a lot of reminiscing. which isn't hard, because i have a tendency to go down that road quite easily and regularly, LOL! i'm not sure exactly why that is...and why i tend to really enjoy looking up old friend and reconnecting with old boyfriends and friends and such. perhaps it has something to do with how much moving around we did (every 2-3yrs my entire life until high school). i had a ton of groups of friends in places all over the world! but whatever the reason...i'm now starting to go through old journals and see what i wrote about some of these past experiences...finding some interesting stuff...a lot i really didn't remember or still don't remember! i'll put the original entries in italic, and my commentary in bold...

here's an entry from when i was getting ready to move to california from NJ:

Someday in the future I'm gonna look back and read thru all my jouranls and say what weird things I write about! I wonder alot what my future's gonna be like. Who am I gonna marry? What will my kids look like? Will any of my friends now still be part of my life? I hope so. Will I ever get a sex life? ....

LOL!! too funny! i always did obsess over sex...mostly when i wasn't getting any...but even when i was. LOL! kinda embarassing to be "that girl" who was always talking about sex. ah well. everyone has a past. :)

then the next, big jump:

I'm very happy here in Cali, but, as always there are complications. I've finally found a guy that I really like and who appears to like me--but he's confused and doesn't know what he wants. He doesn't know if he wants a relationship. (THIS WAS A GUY NAMED MARTY, THAT I BRIEFLY DATED IN THE DORMS AT SAC STATE) ...

then 10/3/90
I feel pretty good about Marty and me right now. He called me his "woman" twice last nite. (I TOTALLY DO NOT REMEMBER THIS!) I think he might have been just kidding around, tho. I'm trying to convince him to be an Egyptian with me for Halloween. So far he won't go for it. But I'm gonna keep working on him! He would look so cool! HOT!! I can't wait til Halloween!! I'm gonna be Cleopatra again, but better! I wanna look so sexy!

and then...after all that talk of Marty (I left a lot out...didn't want to bore you)

Marty's been history for a couple weeks now. He wasn't ready for me. It was upsetting but I had to let him go. I'm glad I did, tho, cuz now I have Todd!!

this is soooo funny as i'm reading this...i didn't remember the transition being that fast, LOL! i was really amused reading the stuff about halloween because i TOTALLY remember that halloween. i ended up being a cross between mrs munster and elvira. i was all sexy down to the was a really big was my first, um, "night" with todd, so it is a memory i won't probably ever lose. we started dating right after that last entry about marty, as i recall...i gave marty an ultimatum...relationship or i was moving on. he passed. :) then i had todd waiting, so it was not really a big deal to me that marty didn't work out. i wish i had written more about the transition...about the flirting and how todd and i progressed to actually dating...but oh well...i guess i didn't write much back then...there's big gaps in my entries.

i'll skip all the, er, inappropriate entries (i was always very candid in my journals about my escapades)...not really appropriate for me to share, especially now that i'm a married woman and my mother-in-law sometimes reads my blog! LOL! but here's some more, from later in that same 11/9/90 entry:

Todd's so good to me! He makes me SO happy! I finally have a boyfriend who makes me happy! I deserve this, GODDAMNIT! I'm glad Marty didn't work out, he didn't make me happy. Actually he made me pretty miserable. But I lucked out in the long run. God! Todd's SO wonderfull! How did I get so lucky? He's always telling me how much he likes me. And he always makes me feel wanted and special. He pays so much attention to me! It's great!! I love it!

this is all really interesting to read...but apparently during my good times with todd, i really didn't write much of anything...unless i haven't found that journal yet, which is possible. i always did sort of jump around and if i couldn't find one journal i'd start writing on notebook paper or something. its very addictive, writing your feelings in i often would feel this powerful compulsion to write, even if i couldn't find my journal. but then i usually only really felt very compelled to write if there were extremes in my life...extreme downs and extreme ups. nowadays i write more than that, but back then, i had years that i didn't even document anything once. at least i have what i have, though, i suppose.

anyway, i ended up browsing through a ton of journals, looking for the next part of the story (i don't have them in chronological order and there's a ton of them.) but then the next thing i found was when it started going downhill with todd. apparently it happened pretty fast...well the ups and downs started pretty early...but i was with him for about 2 and a half years total and while i know there were some extreme downs, i prefer to remember the ups at this point in my life. so i had to put down the journals for now because it was getting really sad reading all the emotional drama in my life. man i was a wreck. i mean wow. makes me realize that i am pretty level on an emotional level now in comparison. i mean i sure do have my times of being down now but its very different. i don't feel depressed like that anymore. and skimming page after page after page (journal after journal after journal) of how hurt i was and how depressed i was...i can honestly say that i don't feel that to that level ever anymore. that's nice to realize. my downs are more just being frustrated with how things are going with my kids...feeling like a bad mom or a bad wife. no longer am i putting the fault on someone else...or really, the power in someone else's hands. i tend to stress more about getting my son to sleep at night, but not whether anyone loves me! :) nice to finally be able to say that.

anyway...i think i've reminisced enough for one day. :)

here's what my husband does in his free time

take an image of stevesongs:
whom your wife has seemed particularly obsessed with lately, even putting up this image onto her desktop on her computer...

and photoshop a goofy, mocking picture of yourself:
(with a look that you swear looks dead on steve's look in his picture, but wife isn't buying it)

and laugh like hell when she discovers this horrid pic on her desktop and shrieks about how creepy looking it is!!!

*sigh* this is what i have to live with... *snicker*

Monday, November 17, 2008

doing some remodeling

lately i've been playing around with my blog...don't mind the dust...i'm bored keeping it the same all the time...and blogger keeps updating features and i was way behind the times. so i updated my template and layout and such and now i'm trying to add back the stuff that got lost in the change...and add new things (like the labels)...and going back through old posts and labeling them. this could take some time...i didn't realize how prolific i was! LOL!

anyway, so if you're reading this in a reader, you should stop by and see the changes sometime! :) i'm not done yet, but things are coming along nicely, i think! :)

diego is teaching my son spanish

this is so funny...tonite we were eating chinese food and tyren decided he didn't like something, i think maybe the bak choi or something (however you spell that)...and so he said:
"i don't want it, no me gusta" ...ok not the exact right words but, pretty darn close! (for those who don't speak spanish, "no me gusta" translates to "i don't like")

he's been watching a lot of diego lately, so that just cracked me and adam up!!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

1234 tell me that you love me more

this is one of our favorite videos. thought i'd share here for those that might not have seen it. she does a great version of this song on sesame street, and we just saw it so it made us think of it again. :)

Saturday, November 08, 2008

maeven's mermaid party and vomiting

great title, eh?

i spent the last week or so busting my butt to plan maeven's mermaid party because i procrastinated, as usual. it all turned out great, though! i'll post about that later.

but as soon as maeven got home from the party (we had it at a friend's property, in their "big barn", which is a big building that they have for events and such) she started vomiting.

tyren had this vomiting bug thursday and friday and now apparently maeven has it too. one gets well just as the other gets better. now we're just hoping that neither adam nor i get it.

oh what a fun night i have ahead of me! and my poor baby too. i suspect there will be no sleep tonight...and last night i was lacking in the sleep dept (stayed up to plan the last minute stuff for the party) this should be extra fun! NOT!

Thursday, November 06, 2008

well the story isn't over yet...

yesterday i was informed of this statement from the no on prop 8 website:

Roughly 400,000 votes separate yes from no on Prop 8 – out of 10 million votes tallied.

Based on turnout estimates reported yesterday, we expect that there are more than 3 million and possibly as many as 4 million absentee and provisional ballots yet to be counted.

Given that fundamental rights are at stake, we must wait to hear from the Secretary of State tomorrow how many votes are yet to be counted as well as where they are from.

It is clearly a very close election and we monitored the results all evening and this morning.

As of this point, the election is too close to call.

Because Prop 8 involves the sensitive matter of individual rights, we believe it is important to wait until we receive further information about the outcome.

YAY! maybe there's still hope! i seriously cannot even believe that california can do this. its just so wrong! as my brother put it yesterday when i talked to him about it "you can't legislate morality" and i know a lot of people said the same thing around this proposition.

so the one thing i was told, but i've not found a link to this info that in most states it takes 2/3 majority to change the state constitution...not what is looking like a barely passing margin.

oh and here's some more interesting info i just found. and here's info on the lawsuit that's been filed already.

i'm really glad to see people are challenging this. i am so mad at the friggin churches for getting involved in this crap! its because of their money that this even got as far as it did.

come on people, this is america. remember the "all men are created equal" thing? this is NOT equality when you single out gay americans and tell them they don't have the same rights as straights. that's just SO WRONG.

i'm really pulling for the no on 8 people. i hope they get something done!

and, here's a great video that shows what i'm feeling about this whole thing:

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

lets see how my list looks now...

i forgot that i accomplished another thing from my massive list of things to do or things i'm working on...
i went and applied for WIC. they turned us down. said we made too much money...turns out she counted adam's vacation pay that he had earned. i didn't figure this out til after i had left. i am going to call and ask about that. and then i'm going to try again once his new paycheck with the paycut comes out. although i don't know if that will help, since they go by the year to date info.

so next will be applying for medi-cal because the lady at WIC said that if we get approved for medi-cal that we will automatically be able to get WIC. they won't check income again. so that's my next step. have to finish filling out the application and mail that puppy in!

going over that list...
  • still planning maeven's 8th bday party...but that will be over this saturday
  • medi-cal application is in the process of being filled out and it's not that hard...i've done it before.
  • WIC--done
  • the learning village--i have the first thing all ready to send in...just need the $30 to send with it...had 2 people say they'd help with that.
  • the hansel and gretel exhibit at storyland--i have already struck out from all the major hardware stores...its a bad time to be asking for anything...but home depot said that i could ask again this month because they'd be getting more alottments for giving out again this month...and lowe's didn't turn me down but said they needed an official letter faxed to them. so i will be pursuing that first. after i get through maeven's bday party!
  • stevesongs--i have a meeting next week with the discovery center (they asked me to join the board! and i said yes! that will be my first meeting) and i'm going to talk to them about that then. because right now is a bad time to ask for i may have to push this back to a later date...not sure yet. its going to the backburner for now though until i can sort through some other things. not going to forget about it though! :)
  • babyfest--haven't done anything on this in awhile. i really need to take a look at this soon and see what i need to be doing. but it really can wait until january if need be. i'm not too worried about it
  • maeven's education--this is another thing that i need to get busy with again. not that we ever totally stop doing things to help her learn...but i've not had any focused one-on-one time with her for awhile...because of tyren and no one being able to take him off my hands or just not finding time in the evenings to do something with her (its really not a good time to do stuff but i may need to make it work) but tomorrow mom's taking tyren for a little while so i will get to do some work with her. i'm looking forward to it! i really like to get that one-on-one time with her! its a silly time sometimes! and i think she's going to eventually remember these times as such a special part of her childhood. i hope!
  • still don't know how the hell to help us survive financially with the pay cut...but we'll figure it out
  • now its looking more like we may very well be able to get that dang room done! rob is coming to do some more work on it this week and he and adam have gotten the frame of the walls up this past weekend! so exciting! so i'm more optimistic now and rob says that once he gets that other window done (that's going to be a full day's job most likely...its got brick around it and we're not sure how its going to go) that the rest of the work is pretty small potatoes compared to what he's already done. sooo...YAY! :)
  • housework--actually adam and i both got some done today...he did a lot to the living room and i have been hacking away at the we're getting there...i am going to plug away at that this week as well. :)
  • family palooza--starting to realize that that is going to take a lot longer to get going...although i'm still plugging away at it. but i'm working on the holiday hoopla now...that will get me some xmas money.
  • holiday hoopla--started gathering vendors!
ok so that's all for now...i'm sure i will be able to find more things to add to my list and tweak...but its starting to look better to me now.

i'm seriously ashamed of california now

i was SOOO proud of california when they made it legal for gay couples to marry! and now that's been taken away! goddamn prop 8!! and its absolutely appalling that such a high percentage of californians are that hateful and hurtful! i just can't even fathom it...looking at this map. i just cannot fathom that that many californians are homophobic!

i suppose once all the ballots are done processing its possible there would be a change...but i doubt it. i don't want to get my hopes up.

this doesn't affect me in any way personally...i mean in my life. but it seriously hurts my heart to think that that many californians are that hateful! good lord!

well 2 things down

my list is slowly being pared away...

today is maeven's birthday and so that's one thing out of the way that i no longer have to prepare for (her party is still coming up...this there's still that to prepare for)

the birthday fairy came as usual and decorated the kitchen, maeven's chair, the hallway to our family bedroom and the doorways to the bedroom and kitchen (as usual), and left fairy dust everywhere she flew. (very sparkly and exciting for the kiddos!) she also left maeven a mermaid crown! (hand made!!) and a bella sara plush horse (w/special cards) and a notebook for her to write stories about her bella sara horses, beanies, and webkinz.

and mommy and daddy got her a binder with protector pages to put her collector's cards in. a pack of special cards, and a book of unicorn short stories. she loved them all, of course!

so that's one thing down...and the other thing is that i voted! i got us all out the door and we arrived at the polling place around 11:40am and there was no waiting! i knew they were predicting long lines today, so i wanted to try to get in there before the rush. apparently it worked! :)

ok so now i still have a long list of things to get done, but for now i am going to revel in have 2 less things. :)