Saturday, December 20, 2008

what's in that flu shot?

this is a pretty humorous (yet, surprisingly factual) look at what's in the flu shot:

and here's some more info.

i've learned alot from dr randal neustaedter, check out his website here. he's written a fantastic guide called the vaccine guide, which i have and have read most of.
and here's a very interesting article on his website about the damage that vaccines can do to our immune systems.

we don't now and never have done flu vaccines in our house. its hit or miss whether they are even going to prevent the flu you'd be exposed to (the way they figure which flu strain will be hitting our area is through trapping migrating birds!), but more than that, its just full of crap i don't want in MY body, much less in my children's.

i've done a ton of chats on my site mommychats on vaccines. you can go to mommy chats and just do a search for "vaccine" in the google box on any page and find a list of all the places that is mentioned...its a lot. i've learned a LOT.

i'm not one to blindly follow the establishment. i've done tons of reading and talking to people who have a lot of expertise on health issues and it has me very wary of the medical community as a whole, but specifically in regards to the flu shot.

i've had the flu ONCE in my life, as far as i remember. once! and i've NEVER had a flu shot. ever! i have a strong immune system, apparently, because i don't often get sick. i'd rather build up that immune system then tear it down, thank you very much!

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