Tuesday, April 28, 2009

sometimes i really think the media are just plain evil

though they do have their place...but geez louise they are great at stirring up a panic! take this whole swine flu frenzy.

i've been following dr jay gordon (a famous L.A. pediatrician that i trust very much...i've even talked to him personally when he used to do chats with me on mommychats) ...on twitter for a couple weeks now and he keeps tweeting that we really need to relax and just don't believe the hype. i never really did...same as the bird flu. the media just likes to make a big deal out of stuff so that they can get more people watching them. but they really don't do anyone any good freaking the populace out, sheez!

here's a fairly good article that i got from dr jay. notice how they say that many people handle the flu just fine and that pandemics have been threatened before and not come to fruition (i would point most notably to the bird flu threat! how long have they been warning us about that?? and so people got bored, they had to stir up more attention by trying to freak everyone out with the swine flu, bleh)

and here's dr jay's take on the whole thing. see? relax! good lord but the media just like to try to make headlines any way they can! see why i try to avoid watching it?

you know what...i think maybe i might go and ask dr jay to do a special chat on mommy chats about this whole swine flu thing...time to try to spread the calm, instead of the frenzy!

Monday, April 27, 2009

so thankful for my family

i was just going through a friend's family photo albums online and thinking that she has such fun times with her family...they really love each other...and also thinking about all the dysfunction out there...and it just makes me really thankful for my own family.

we really are very happy together, all of us.

i have a wonderful wonderful (albeit, goofy) husband:

2 absolutely adorable children:

and we are just one really happy family!

how could life be any better?

i mean, really!

i'm on amazon!!!

i'm soooo jazzed!! my book is now on amazon!!! check it out!!

Friday, April 24, 2009

wonderful quote

this is from this book:

(Claudia): But Mrs. Frankweiler, you should want to learn one new thing every day. We did, even at the museum.

(Mrs. Frankweiler): No, I answered, I don't agree with that. I think you should learn, of course, and some days you must learn a great deal. But you should also have days when you allow what is already in you to swell up inside of you until it touches everything. And you can FEEL it inside you. If you never take time out to let that happen, then, you just accumulate facts. And they begin to rattle around inside of you. You can make noise with them, but never really FEEL anything with them. It's hollow.

wow, kinda makes ya think about what is happening every day all over the world...with all the cramming of info into little heads.

reading rainbow flashback

OMG adam and i are laughing, this is so funny and awesome!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009


this is just a test to see if my blog posts here will now post to twitter, which in turn posts to facebook.

gotta love technology!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

ez combs

hm, this looks kinda cool! just saw a commercial for it. have to think if i want to try it or not. i wear pony tails alllllll summer long, so i wouldn't mind something for a little variety. :)

another babyfest over, yay!

and it went really well! but i knew going into this that this was my last babyfest. i figured out about a month or so ago...maybe earlier even...that i just don't have it in me anymore. it's time for me to move on.

this year, for the first time...i was able to be ok with the idea that if i step down there might be no one to take it over. and it might die. up til now i've not been ok with that. i felt i worked too hard on it to let it die.

but this year something just changed in me. it was necessary for this to happen. i couldn't step down if i needed it to keep going.

now it may not die...i'm in the process of seeking out a few possible people to take it on. i don't know what they'll say...i'm hoping they'll take it over. someone suggested to me that i ask CRN to take it on, so that's what i'm doing. i think its a great idea, if they'll do it! :)

we'll see what happens...but at this point...i'm ok with it dying, if that's what happens. we had a great run! and i learned a LOT!

i am now going to put my energy into other things. including first and foremost, my family! i've been enjoying my family this weekend...even got time to enjoy the fest yesterday with my kiddos! it was really amazing! normally i run around during the whole fest with this that and the other thing that i find that needs doing. but not this fest. this fest i just decided nope, not doing it...i'm going to take my kids to bounce when they want to bounce (bounce houses)...and to play with bubbles as long as they wanted (well until i started to realize how late it was and they hadn't eaten yet...then i dragged them away to eat)...and we really had a great time! i even watched them in the maze and just let them have fun. enjoyed the entertainment a little (LOVE the jammies!) and just really tried to not run around like a madwoman. plus it helped that i had to be in charge of the kids most of the time because adam had to run off to do a wedding halfway through the fest. and my parents were manning the raffle table, and my brother was doing photography. (he said he took like 900 pics! wowee!) so i needed to watch them, but i was really ok with that. in previous ones i kept passing the kids off to adam...and he got really irritated with me over it. because i also wanted him to get footage of the fest. but this time i gladly took them, and we really enjoyed the fest! :)

anyway...i spent a good part of this morning working on some brainstorming for the next TDC event...and keeping in mind that i DON'T want to run around like a maniac anymore. its always insane just before babyfest and i really don't want that anymore, so i'm trying to keep all that i've learned from babyfest in mind as i brainstorm this new event that TDC is wanting to do this summer. we'll see how it goes. :)

it seems like this usually happens after babyfest...i get a burst of energy to brainstorm for new ideas...usually for babyfest, but this year a new event. :) weird, but its pretty much the norm for me, LOL!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

hard to focus

this is a stressful week. babyfest is day after tomorrow and i have a ton of things to do still...and stressed over that already...then what did i go and do? i scheduled my son's appt to have his teeth worked on today. what was i thinking?

of course it didn't go well...its a bad week all around. he wouldn't even let me take him out of his carseat...he cried and clung to it and i was not going to force him. i knew no good would come of that. so we've had to reschedule one more time.

i had a talk with him...and trying to explain to a 3yr old is darn near impossible but i am trying to cajole him into letting dr halloran work on his teeth...i finally told him if he doesn't let dr halloran work on his teeth that we will have to go to a dentist we don't know and they'll have to put him to sleep. i don't know if i should have said this to him or not but i'm just desperate to do all i can to get him to let dr halloran do the work. 2 big reasons...one being its a lot cheaper to do it with gas than general anesthesia...and 2 being my biggest reason...i don't know how he'll react to anesthesia and it scares the CRAP outta me! so i'd rather he just do the gas. easier and cheaper and better all around. less scary for us all. i just have to convince tyren of this.

today, after we got home from the dentist (where we didn't even go in, though i did talk him into walking around outside but not to go in)...he said OK that he'd go to dr doug because he doesn't want to go to the sleep place. i am seriously hoping that he doesn't end up having to be put under general, because i don't want him to get freaked out by that idea, but its the truth...if he doesn't cooperate, we'll have to do general. and none of us wants that. so if i can just get him to agree to see dr doug, and cooperate while he's there...all will be well (i hope).

anyway its just a bad week...i'm hoping part of the problem today was that i'm already stressed because of babyfest and didn't have time to properly prepare him. we'll see.

his next appt is in may. about 2 weeks. cross your fingers that he will cooperate then because if he doesn't, we are out of options. :(

Monday, April 06, 2009

my updated weekend list

forgot to update this to show all that i accomplished! it was a pretty productive weekend!

  • mow the back yard--got nearly all of it done, just left a couple small patches, but i kicked butt back there!
  • water back yard--like crazy i did! and even went and pulled out the really thick stemmed weeds from the moist soil...they slid out easily and i find it strangely therapeutic to pull weeds, weird that i am
  • mow front yard--didn't get to this...its ok, it can wait another weekend
  • de-weed front of house--did about 1/3 of this on saturday...didn't get back to it yet
  • organize/declutter my desk drawers--didn't get to this yet
  • start making a plan to organize maeven's room--didn't get to this yet
  • finish reading The House that Cleans Itself, and start putting the plan in action--still working on this
  • finish and put away ALL the laundry--almost finished! i did a bunch!
  • wash all the bed sheets and covers and make the beds in fresh sheets/covers--not yet
  • wash the yucky wet bath mat--not yet...tomorrow!
  • clean the tub...and if i get to it, the rest of the main bathroom--not yet
  • wash the kitchen floor--not yet
  • make new menu and shopping list--not yet
  • make beef stew for crock pot and put on to cook all day, today or tomorrow--didn't happen, oh well.
  • feed my kids a nutritious breakfast for lunch--sweet potato puree in the pancakes...it was yummers!! big hit with all of us!
  • wash tyren's chocolate face--he actually ended up in a bath, he was filthy by the end of the day!
  • figure out what to do with all the ebay/craigs list leftover stuff under my desk that i want to sell/get rid of but didn't finish--not yet
  • swap out the winter for the summer clothes in all our drawers--yup, all done and maeven did hers herself! she was a HUGE help this weekend! she even helped me with my list!
  • bag up clothes that no longer fit, put in van for goodwill/salvation army--not in the van yet, but i have a bag started! didn't pitch as much as i had hoped...must go through clothes again and pitch some more.
not too bad...i know there's a lot i didn't get to...but i actually ended up making a new list and got to a lot on there...so in addition to the above, i also:
  • ran the dishwasher
  • unloaded and put away clean dishes
  • reloaded the dishwasher
  • hand washed remaining dishes (i kicked BUTT on dishes this weekend!)
and adam:
  • replaced brake lights on van
  • checked all lights on both cars
  • refilled windshield wiper fluid on both cars (but the van's doesn't work right...he worked on that for awhile to try to get it to work, to no avail)
  • replaced the very leaky valve on kitchen sink that has been wasting hot water for over a month!
  • got most of his tax paperwork done to give to our accountant friend
and maeven:
  • swept the kitchen floor and cleaned the table for breakfast! (completely of her own volition!)
  • got her own winter clothes out of the drawers and put into storage bin
  • sorted and folded all her summer clothes and organized them in her dresser
so i'm pretty darn happy about our highly successful weekend! :)

Saturday, April 04, 2009

holy COW i want to take our family to this!

just saw this mentioned on another blog, and i am STOKED!!

i am so happy when they show documentaries in the movie theaters! i am going to find out now which of our local theaters are going to be showing this and if i can get advance tickets. we are SO going to see this!

things to do this weekend

here's what i would like to get done this weekend...we'll see how far i get...

in no particular order:

  • mow the back yard (its a weed jungle out there!)
  • water back yard (have to do this manually, argh)
  • mow front yard (not so bad, i mowed it last weekend, but it could probably use it again)
  • de-weed front of house (the flower bed that is under construction for the past 3 years is thigh-high in weeds now, sigh)
  • organize/declutter my desk drawers (this is a huge, daunting task...we'll see if i get to it)
  • start making a plan to organize maeven's room (another daunting task...)
  • finish reading The House that Cleans Itself, and start putting the plan in action
  • finish and put away ALL the laundry (actually not a huge task because i have kept up with it pretty good recently)
  • wash all the bed sheets and covers and make the beds in fresh sheets/covers.
  • wash the yucky wet bath mat
  • clean the tub...and if i get to it, the rest of the main bathroom...getting yucky in there
  • wash the kitchen floor (when was the last time? NO idea!)
  • make new menu and shopping list (still have food for current menu, but need to plan ahead.)
  • make beef stew for crock pot and put on to cook all day, today or tomorrow!
  • feed my kids a nutritious breakfast for lunch (already cooking pancakes with sweet potato puree in it...check this off!)
  • wash tyren's chocolate face (gramma brought over this for them to frost/decorate yesterday and tyren got into it before us grownups got up this morning, LOL!)
  • figure out what to do with all the ebay/craigs list leftover stuff under my desk that i want to sell/get rid of but didn't finish
  • swap out the winter for the summer clothes in all our drawers
  • bag up clothes that no longer fit, put in van for goodwill/salvation army (whatever i pass first)
that's all for now, pancakes are done! :)

Friday, April 03, 2009

Shut off timers are my friends

I'm so glad to have stumbled upon Times up kidz. It has made computer time with my kids SO much easier.

I was having a lot of problems getting my kids off the computer. Maeven would get up early and be on already when I got up...and stay on, resisting all my attempts to get my own time to check my email and such. There were days she would keep putting me off and staying on for a good 3 hours or more! It made quite a grouchy morning environment...and Tyren would stay on as long, but would also have the same problem getting off the computer when I asked him too.

So I went googling. I knew there were programs like this, but hadn't ever looked into it. Found Times Up Kidz and after an initial rough patch in adjusting to it...all is well on the homefront!

I even have it set up so that my own time is limited. I have us all set to only be allowed 1 hour at any sitting, maximum. For the kids, they have to then be logged off at least 1 hour before they can get back on again (allowing someone else a turn, without any fighting over it.) And I have it set to a total maximum of 2 hours per day for the kids.

For me, I have the 1 hour maximum in one sitting, but only 5min in between...it forces me to come out of my computer trance and take some responsibility and get my butt in gear to get off the computer and go do something else. I don't have a limit on my own total daily time on the computer, though...there are many many times throughout the day that I need to go look something up quickly or whatever...and frankly, I don't really care about the total amount I spend on the computer, so long as its not at the expense of my family. I spend quite a few hours at night after everyone is in bed on the computer (I log onto the admin side to do that because then I don't get booted off in the middle of playing Toontown...and since no one's awake to need my attention, it works.) And I'm ok with being on a lot...because I use it for so very much.

Anyway, this system has really worked well for all of us!

Not only that but I discovered that my TV also has a shut-off timer! Purely by accident. I kept noticing the dvd/vcr shutting off periodically...finally figured out that it had a timer on it. I found the settings for it and its set to go off every 2 hours. I wish it had lower options, but it doesn't. And frankly, I probably would just turn it back on again if I had it set lower. So 2 hours in one sitting seems good to me.

It's cool because often times we don't even notice right away that the TV shut off. Later I'll be like "oh, its off" LOL! So we obviously are not riveted to it every second its on.

Anyway, I still want to wean us off of the TV more, but for now I have enough other things to think about. One being the maintenance of the house.

I'm reading a book call The House that Cleans Itself, which I learned about from someone else's blog (can't remember which one). Don't know yet if it will change our lives and our home...but its pretty darn good so far. I like that its different than most all the other stuff I've read out there. Still working my way through reading about her system...and I'm already eager to start...but I want to read the whole thing first and see if I think its a system I could do.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

proselytizers at the park

i meant to blog about this when it happened, like a week and a half ago...but just now remembered.

ok, anyone who's read my blog for any length of time knows that i'm not religious...haven't considered myself christian for like, um...going on 20years. maybe more like 15, i guess...since my early to mid-20s at least. anyway...probably because of this i'm pretty sensitive to most things religious.

i already know all about christianity and i don't like anyone trying to convert me. i was raised by a preacher (navy chaplain for most of my childhood, but preacher til i was 7, then again after he retired from the navy, when i was in my early 20s.) a very liberal, open-minded preacher...not at all a fire and brimstone, you're going to hell if you don't believe my way kind of guy (thank heavens!) very respectful of other's beliefs, kind of dad-preacher. (but don't believe for a second that it doesn't hurt him to know that i've not followed his beliefs...and that makes me very sad because i do wish i could believe like him, because i know it means so much to him...but i simply cannot believe in one way anymore. but that's a topic for another post someday perhaps...) so anyway i KNOW about jesus and all the yada yada yada that the missionaries and jehovah's witnesses and bible thumpers of all kinds want to cram down my non-believing throat any chance they get. (is this a sensitive subject to me...ya betcha!)

so in the first place i find proselytizing INCREDIBLY ARROGANT. actually any religion that claims to be the "only way" i find incredibly arrogant...and going out and telling people that they are wrong and are going to hell if they don't change their ways and believe as they do...i just have serious issues with.

so its bad enough that they consistantly show up at my doorstep (i REALLY need a sign to tell them to GO AWAY!!!) but when they start approaching me at the park where i'm playing with my children...this just made me seeth!

yup, 2 mormon missionaries (you can always tell their mormons...they always go in 2s, nearly always boys/men, even though i'm told females do missionary work as well, i've yet to see any...always in white dress shirts, black dress pants, black tie, riding bicycles with helmets...not doubt when you see them, the always look the same.) were making their way through railroad park the other day when i was there...i didn't notice them until one of them approached me...

its hard enough when they come to your door...but at the park?? at least at home i can close the door on them if they don't take no for an answer. at the park you're kind of a captive audience...unless you want to ruin the day for your kids and scoop them up protesting loudly and take them home to get away from the missionaries. which i don't believe those missionaries have the right to do to my day, so i won't do that!

this young guy starts his spiel and i immediately tell him as kindly as i can through clenched teeth that i'm not interested in hearing what he has to say (i DO try to be nice, but they REALLY piss me off with what they are doing...see previous reference to arrogant beyond belief)... usually they desist and leave me alone when i tell them this...and they usually are super nice about it too (really, there is one thing i can say for sure...mormons truly are some of the nicest people you'll ever meet...i think that's part of their religion, truly...for good reason, i'm sure it helps win over many people. not me though.)

so this guy doesn't take no for an answer and starts to ask me if i know anyone that would like to be able to be with their loved ones for eternity...this REALLY pissed me off...because maeven was relearning how to ride her bike and she was getting further and further from sight as i'm wrangling with this guy...and tyren is nearer but also on his bike (trike) and getting further away as well, and i need to follow them and this guy is following behind me distracting me from my kids!! so i snarled something like "PLEASE!! LEAVE ME ALONE!!" i'm afraid i lost all my niceness once he persisted and i was just super perturbed that he would even be approaching me at the park in the first place!

ok so that's probably just my own beef...i suppose others wouldn't be so bothered by it. but i am. so there. and as i watched later, i saw them continue to go through the entire park, hitting (as far as i could tell), every single parent there! and it was a busy day!


seriously, the gall. i'm sorry, i really just don't have any patience or understanding for missionaries harassing me and my children. UGH!!