Monday, June 07, 2010

where do i start?

oh my heavens, i cannot tell you how happy it feels to have that damned big room DONE! the carpet/linoleum went in today.

here's a rundown of what's left now:
  •  finish linoleum (carpet guy was missing what was needed to properly complete covering the steps today)
  • buy/install can light covers (14 of them)
  • get contractor to plane the french doors (they are snug to the carpet now, but he knew that would happen)
  • buy/get contractor to install new backyard lights (we've been without those nearly as long as we've been without the big rm!)
  • buy/install new blinds for 3 windows/1 sliding glass door in big rm 
  • paint 1 more coat on the laundry room door chalkboard (i had to sand some big bumps off a big chunk in the middle)
  • install the doorknob on the laundry room door
  • buy/install doorknobs for french doors
  • get contractor to install light switch plates since the switches are not lined up properly with the plates
  • install the final 2 outlet covers (we were 2 short, had to buy more...i have them now, just haven't done it)
  • cut small mat out of remnant carpet to use at the sliding glass door for wiping feet
  • get exterior mat for wiping feet (its berry season...our mulberry tree is wreaking havoc on the driveway again)
after that, and after we've had time to pay some on the massive credit card bill we now have....*sigh*

then i want to get started building the window seats and shelves for the reading/play area. not to mention i'm still not entirely certain what i want to do in the art area. working on that. the table i was planning on using is just massive and i'm thinking twice now because the room is small enough. i have little tables i can get new legs for but they are $60 for a set of 4 and i might find something better for cheaper somewhere....something prettier....have to think on that too. hm.

then there's the reading loft i really want to build as well. not sure it will now fit properly in the room where i had envisioned it so that is the bottom of my wish list right now. but still in the back of my mind.

BUT, we can now start to bring furniture into the room and setting stuff up!

unfortunately, the rest of the house is so crammed and trashed right now its going to take quite awhile to get to the point where i am feeling comfortable in my own home again. the kitchen alone makes me want to gag. the floor is beyond disgusting. but since so many people were in and out and in and out and in and out of my house for the past month there didn't seem much sense in bothering to clean it since it would just get trashed again. ok so most were not in my kitchen, but the kids and i were spending a lot of time going in and out watching all that was going on, so probably it most came from our feet. its nasty, don't even ask.

i seriously am at a loss as to where to start. but instead of overthinking things....i'm going to just dig in and do one thing at a time, as my dad taught me. trying not to think of all that needs doing, and just focus on one job at a time. tomorrow i think i will get the kitchen straightened up so that we can move adam's desk through there into his new office. that will seriously open back up the living room again. which will allow me to breathe again, i think. i can't handle the clutter. its really affecting me physically and i am eager to fix that.

tonight i've been looking at all the clutter that i need to take care desk in particular...but now we have a shitload of painting supplies and other things that we've been using for that room that i need to organize and find a home for. *sigh* its going to be a BIG job. i need to figure out where its all going to go!

tomorrow i'll start figuring that out. for now, i need to get my kids ready for bed. and wake up my husband to help.

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

just breathe....

i have to remind myself to breathe. i'm getting that worked up feeling where i'm feeling out of control with stress.

after 3 years of having our house in chaos because of the big rm being out of commission and crap piled up in various areas of our house and shed and inaccessible for the most part...we are finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel....but it sure has ramped up the stress here in this last month of construction and remodeling of that room.

we have a piano and a desk on end piled in our living room, which is our main living space, and for the past month have been having to squeeze past things in other rooms as well, as all the stuff that we had thrown into the unused big rm is piled up elsewhere in the house during construction.

its truly amazing how much your home environment really does affect your mood. the stress level in the house has been darn near unbearable the past month...and i'm at the end of my rope in patience for my kids and them with me. we have all been barking at each other way more than usual, adam & i included, and the kids are fighting so much i'm ready to just walk out (i won't, of course, but that's the feeling i get sometimes when i've had to break up yet another fight between them.)

all this will be worth it, though, as our big rm is darn near done. by this weekend we are hoping to be able to start moving stuff in. assuming we can get carpet installed in the next 2 days.

on top of all that's happening here, maeven has come down with a bug and is miserable and making everyone miserable around her. well it might be she is playing it up, because she's distracted right now and acting normal...but the whining and crying that she does when she feels anything slightly off is enough to drive me INSANE.

right now i'm listening to them fight behind me and i want to just SCREAM!

just feeling out of control today, as i have to find time to go pick up adam's paycheck since he forgot to leave it here with me to deposit and we had our mortgage payment bounce last month and i can't let it happen again...and workers are going to be calling me to meet them at home depot sometime this morning to buy trim...and maeven is whining and crying about her throat and i'm trying to decide if she needs a dr's appt (right now i'm leaning towards no, that she just needs some echinacea and a distraction)...and we have to make a decision on the door to adam's office (paint or stain, and under pressure neither one of us can think straight...and he was rushing off to a meeting so couldn't talk or think)...and i had to reschedule 2 things just now because i doubt we'll be available for them...both were fun things that we could have used but they'll have to wait til next week or month....and i have been sorely neglecting TLV as this project has consumed our lives...and maeven is bugging me about playing on the computer so i need to get off because i need to get showered and dressed and moving on this day.

i just need to breathe. i sure could use a vacation. next week i can have a vacation in our own big rm. gotta keep thinking of that. for now i need to just get to a place where i can relax and breathe and get what needs to be done, done.

it'll all work out...i just needed to vent. :)