Saturday, December 06, 2014

Hubby's humor

After the Clovis Xmas Lights parade...

"That car's antlers are shaped like a bicycle"

What was he looking at? A car with a bicycle on top, of course. 

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The weather is beautiful but my mood is not

This week the temp FINALLY took a nose dive and it started feeling less like summer, more like fall. Well, Fresno fall, which isn't crisp like it was in NJ...just not HOT, like it's been since May.

Yet, I'm feeling really overwhelmed with all that I need to do, and all that is going on, that it's been difficult to enjoy the weather.

I was very proud of myself last week (meeting week, so no enrichment classes at our homeschool charter), because I was on a roll with staying on task with my morning routine. I actually got it completed most days last week! A huge accomplishment! But this week, I'm feeling off track, even though our routine is set by the activities we do it's not like we are technically off track. It's just a busy week.
It just felt so great last week, being right on track with my routine. Ah well. 

And I've been falling asleep earlier lately, which throws off my work schedule at night. I try to reserve that time for client work (website work), but I've just been too sleepy. Gotta get my butt in gear during the day to make up for it!

Overall, if I really think about it, we're still doing quite well... I just feel really out of sorts today for some reason. I wish I could shake this bleh feeling.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A Productive NonProductive Day

Today was a complete wash in some ways and very productive in others. I was planning to do some more house cleaning and purging, as I've been doing all summer, but got totally sidetracked.

I finally pinned my kids down and asked them what time period they'd like to start with this coming school year. I pulled out our Usborne Encyclopedia of World History and thumbed through the 4 time periods. My son (9) immediately said "prehistoric", and that he wanted to study dinosaurs again. Oh yay. Prehistory is NOT my favorite time period! 

Asked my daughter (13.5) what she thought and she said she agreed. They both went on to show me all the pics of the weird creatures that they will get to learn about. They're excited! 

We've done prehistory and evolution and creation stories before...but it was awhile ago. So, interesting, this is what they want.

So I wasn't excited, but went straight away to the Secular Charlotte Mason Yahoogroup to search for book recommendations. Found a TON!!! And not only that, but I found lots of books on people like Darwin and other people who made prehistoric discoveries, and now I'm excited! There's some cool ideas in here! This could be fun!

So my house didn't get any cleaner, but I got a head start on research for our upcoming school year and I'm excited! I spent hours copying/pasting book recommendations and links. So cool!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Maeven quote from age 7

Just found this on a piece of paper:

"Today I saw a great blue heron and a white heron! They are very neat! Also we saw 4 turtles. And lots and lots of little ducks. One black duck kept following us around. He thought we had food." 

Saturday, July 05, 2014

Funny things on a road trip

Maeven, looking at the hills, covered in dead CA native grasses, sprinkled with little bushy trees: "Everything looks like broccoli!"

This hay truck drove past and Adam said "Hey!!" Took me a sec and I got it and burst into giggles. I'm easily amused.

While talking about the alphabet game, where you look for the letters of the alphabet on signs and around you when you travel...we were talking about how you can't look at a hill and say "H, hill", because its got to be written...and I said that that could be a variation of the game though, like if you saw an elephant and you needed P, you could say "P, pachyderm" which Adam said "yeah because it's not like elephant has a P in it."  Oh, yeah. ROFLMAO!!!

Adam-ism of the day

After I told Adam I wasn't going to go check to see if the drier was empty for him, that he could do it himself, because I was in the middle of something (He's ALWAYS trying to get me to do things for him, and feigns hurt or anger when I won't.)....

"Sometimes when people are being mean to other people, they end up going in their office and playing on their computer."

Then he wanders into the other room and sees our almost 9yr old on my computer, working on pinning items to his Pinterest wish list for his upcoming birthday, I hear him say: " Tyren was someone mean to you??"

Dorkface. Lol!!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Gearing up for a good summer!

I've been feeling really good lately. Not sure entirely why, except I've relaxed about a lot of things. I am doing a more relaxed homeschooling, I'm trying to stay on top of my life responsibilities but at the same time do it in a more relaxed manner (vs running around like a maniac, feeling stressed out all the time), and just enjoying planning out the next things I want to do and how to go about making them happen.

I don't know how long this will last...but for right now, I've been feeling really excited about some of my plans for this summer and the next school year. And that energy is really keeping me going and making me feel GOOD! :)

Monday, May 26, 2014

Porcupine Humor

Dad: If I was a porcupine, you wouldn't be doing this!
(As Tyr was banging Maeve's head against him repeatedly. Don't ask. LOL!)

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Just overheard behind me

8yr old Tyren to his dad: "You don't say funguses, you say fungi."

43yr old Adam (aka "Dad"): "Quit being smarter than me!"

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Why I no longer believe in college

I agree wholeheartedly with this article. Just saw it in a friend's feed on Facebook, and it got me thinking, again, about how ridiculous we've gotten about college nowadays.

College education used to be the end all and be all. It's not anymore. Says the college graduate. :)  But I did it without spending my life chained to student loans. My parents said they'd match me dollar for dollar...(and they didn't save ahead of time for me...probably because they couldn't afford it) I know in reality they most likely paid more than 50%, but my dad has long since paid off the small loans he took out here and there to help me out...I also had working scholarships and worked my ASS off to pay most of my own way. My parents helped some with tuition/school expenses...I paid what was left and all my own rent, bills, food, necessities, etc. with the money I made working various jobs the entire time I was in college. I had one $5000 student loan that I paid off during my time at SCICON, when I only made $500/month but all my room/board/utilities/etc were provided.

Every summer when I was still living at home I worked and saved my money for college the next year...after I moved out I juggled jobs and small loans from family (which were paid off quickly). I worked full time through pretty much all of my college education. And I got it done in 4.5yrs. (Not sure how I did that!) And honestly, I pretty much hated college. Not much about it was enjoyable to me. It was a means to an end...but that was the way things were done, so that's what I did.

After graduation, I eventually went into a field that made practically no money...I made a bit more because of my degree...but since my degree was something that I use every day as a mother (child development), and since it's something I still thoroughly enjoy (I yearn to eventually do preschool classes again, someday, once my kids are older and we have a better suited house for doing it at home)...I don't think the money and energy was wasted...but I do not at all think college is the way to go for everyone. In fact, I tend to think it's a waste of time for so many. Maybe even most, since there's so many ways to learn skills for free on the internet these days.

The jobs for college graduates just aren't out there anymore...ask my brother. I have known SOOOO many people that are not working in the field they paid boku bucks to get a degree in. I mean a LOT. And many are still strapped to ginormous student debt. WHY???

So my advice for my children and every young person out there. Do NOT go into debt for your college education. If you must go to college....and don't assume you must...take the longer route and pay your way as you go. You will be grateful for the lack of debt later, and you will learn so much more in work ethic in the process. And work ethic is very important. Listen to the last 3 episodes in Dec 2013 of the Busy Mom Survival Guide podcast for more info on teaching children a work ethic. I'm going to be using more of her advice in the new I agree wholeheartedly with her on how important it is for my kids to have a good work ethic.

If you must go to college, try for financial aid and scholarships, things that you will not have to pay back. And work. Work hard. At school, and to make money to pay your way. Because I saw so very many kids in college who's parents paid for everything and they didn't have to do a thing but go to school...those were the kids that tended to party all the time and appreciated none of what they had. Not all, but most. If we hand them everything, how do they learn to appreciate what it takes to make it in this world? That's not what I want for my kids, even if I could afford it.

And if you are drawn to a field that could be had by technical training or just learning on your own via the internet and such... DO IT! There's just no sense in making college the end all and be all anymore. I actually hope my kids DON'T go to college...just because of how friggin expensive it is nowadays. But that, of course, will depend on the field they, of course, there are some that simply cannot be had without college (doctors and lawyers come to mind).

Ok, stepping off my soapbox. Time to go back to life. :)