Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A Productive NonProductive Day

Today was a complete wash in some ways and very productive in others. I was planning to do some more house cleaning and purging, as I've been doing all summer, but got totally sidetracked.

I finally pinned my kids down and asked them what time period they'd like to start with this coming school year. I pulled out our Usborne Encyclopedia of World History and thumbed through the 4 time periods. My son (9) immediately said "prehistoric", and that he wanted to study dinosaurs again. Oh yay. Prehistory is NOT my favorite time period! 

Asked my daughter (13.5) what she thought and she said she agreed. They both went on to show me all the pics of the weird creatures that they will get to learn about. They're excited! 

We've done prehistory and evolution and creation stories before...but it was awhile ago. So, interesting, this is what they want.

So I wasn't excited, but went straight away to the Secular Charlotte Mason Yahoogroup to search for book recommendations. Found a TON!!! And not only that, but I found lots of books on people like Darwin and other people who made prehistoric discoveries, and now I'm excited! There's some cool ideas in here! This could be fun!

So my house didn't get any cleaner, but I got a head start on research for our upcoming school year and I'm excited! I spent hours copying/pasting book recommendations and links. So cool!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Maeven quote from age 7

Just found this on a piece of paper:

"Today I saw a great blue heron and a white heron! They are very neat! Also we saw 4 turtles. And lots and lots of little ducks. One black duck kept following us around. He thought we had food." 

Saturday, July 05, 2014

Funny things on a road trip

Maeven, looking at the hills, covered in dead CA native grasses, sprinkled with little bushy trees: "Everything looks like broccoli!"

This hay truck drove past and Adam said "Hey!!" Took me a sec and I got it and burst into giggles. I'm easily amused.

While talking about the alphabet game, where you look for the letters of the alphabet on signs and around you when you travel...we were talking about how you can't look at a hill and say "H, hill", because its got to be written...and I said that that could be a variation of the game though, like if you saw an elephant and you needed P, you could say "P, pachyderm"...to which Adam said "yeah because it's not like elephant has a P in it."  Oh, yeah. ROFLMAO!!!

Adam-ism of the day

After I told Adam I wasn't going to go check to see if the drier was empty for him, that he could do it himself, because I was in the middle of something (He's ALWAYS trying to get me to do things for him, and feigns hurt or anger when I won't.)....

"Sometimes when people are being mean to other people, they end up going in their office and playing on their computer."

Then he wanders into the other room and sees our almost 9yr old on my computer, working on pinning items to his Pinterest wish list for his upcoming birthday, I hear him say: " Tyren was someone mean to you??"

Dorkface. Lol!!!