Sunday, June 28, 2015

Depression sucks

Seriously. I don't like this feeling. I rarely feel like this, and I imagine it's brought on by that time of the month, so it should be temporary. But I just do not do well with this icky feeling. I am starting to really get an idea how hard it must be to be someone who deals with these emotions daily. It's horrible!! I just want to feel happy feel normal again. I need a change. Need to do something that brings me joy. Tomorrow I need to do some major purging and reorganizing so I can feel really good about the work I've done. That usually works. 

My husband the creative singer

My husband is trying to sing Walk Like an Egyptian...

Adam: "All the elves in the lookout tower"
Me: what???
Adam: I don't know the words but I want to sing. I have music in my heart.
Me: okkkk