Thursday, December 06, 2007

bird serendipitous day!

well today we had TWO bird encounters that were exciting and surprising!

first, i was outside with the kids, and i noticed a large bird in one of our trees...naw, that's not a hawk, yes it is, no it can't be, its just a fluffed up jay, no that's too big to be a jay...HEY MAEVEN!! COME HERE AND LOOK AT THIS!!! she runs over and it scares the bird out of the tree...MAEVEN! LOOK UP! LOOK UP!!!!! we both are in awe...yup, it's a hawk! but what kind of hawk? i only got a quick look at it but i do know for sure that it had black and white stripes on its tail, which it had fanned when it flew off...sooo, i have decided i'm 95% sure it was a red-shoulder hawk:

then.... later in the day, i look outside and i see a bright yellow bird and think how odd that is, then i see a green bird next to it and i know that's not a wild bird...2 parakeets have found their way into our yard! very sweet, they stuck together, seemed to know each other, and stuck around for a little while then off they went.

what a funny day. how fun! 2 special bird encounters in one day! too bad i didn't get pics of either. :( i got one of the parakeets but they were too far away by the time i got the camera.

anyway, fun!

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