Monday, April 06, 2009

my updated weekend list

forgot to update this to show all that i accomplished! it was a pretty productive weekend!

  • mow the back yard--got nearly all of it done, just left a couple small patches, but i kicked butt back there!
  • water back yard--like crazy i did! and even went and pulled out the really thick stemmed weeds from the moist soil...they slid out easily and i find it strangely therapeutic to pull weeds, weird that i am
  • mow front yard--didn't get to this...its ok, it can wait another weekend
  • de-weed front of house--did about 1/3 of this on saturday...didn't get back to it yet
  • organize/declutter my desk drawers--didn't get to this yet
  • start making a plan to organize maeven's room--didn't get to this yet
  • finish reading The House that Cleans Itself, and start putting the plan in action--still working on this
  • finish and put away ALL the laundry--almost finished! i did a bunch!
  • wash all the bed sheets and covers and make the beds in fresh sheets/covers--not yet
  • wash the yucky wet bath mat--not yet...tomorrow!
  • clean the tub...and if i get to it, the rest of the main bathroom--not yet
  • wash the kitchen floor--not yet
  • make new menu and shopping list--not yet
  • make beef stew for crock pot and put on to cook all day, today or tomorrow--didn't happen, oh well.
  • feed my kids a nutritious breakfast for lunch--sweet potato puree in the was yummers!! big hit with all of us!
  • wash tyren's chocolate face--he actually ended up in a bath, he was filthy by the end of the day!
  • figure out what to do with all the ebay/craigs list leftover stuff under my desk that i want to sell/get rid of but didn't finish--not yet
  • swap out the winter for the summer clothes in all our drawers--yup, all done and maeven did hers herself! she was a HUGE help this weekend! she even helped me with my list!
  • bag up clothes that no longer fit, put in van for goodwill/salvation army--not in the van yet, but i have a bag started! didn't pitch as much as i had hoped...must go through clothes again and pitch some more.
not too bad...i know there's a lot i didn't get to...but i actually ended up making a new list and got to a lot on in addition to the above, i also:
  • ran the dishwasher
  • unloaded and put away clean dishes
  • reloaded the dishwasher
  • hand washed remaining dishes (i kicked BUTT on dishes this weekend!)
and adam:
  • replaced brake lights on van
  • checked all lights on both cars
  • refilled windshield wiper fluid on both cars (but the van's doesn't work right...he worked on that for awhile to try to get it to work, to no avail)
  • replaced the very leaky valve on kitchen sink that has been wasting hot water for over a month!
  • got most of his tax paperwork done to give to our accountant friend
and maeven:
  • swept the kitchen floor and cleaned the table for breakfast! (completely of her own volition!)
  • got her own winter clothes out of the drawers and put into storage bin
  • sorted and folded all her summer clothes and organized them in her dresser
so i'm pretty darn happy about our highly successful weekend! :)

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